"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

My road to 77 kg with ACE personal trainer Coach Dominic Samoisette (Coach Domi)

Starting today, I'll be chronicling my road to 77 kg with my fitness trainer, Coach Dominic Samoisette. That's our target weight for myself.

Yes, he is my fitness coach and he's beyond amazing!

Because I finally reached 94 kg!!!

For a person like me, it's really a tremendous achievement IMO. But I'm not stopping here. There's still a long way to go for me before I reach 77 kg, My target is still to lose close to or exactly a kilo every week. And, so far, I believe I'm doing a great job. Thanks also to my trainer, of course.

This was last week.

My trainer actually commended me the other night.

Trainer: "VinVin, you're so flexible. You're like Buddha."

Me: "Buddha is fat."

Trainer: "No, you're flexible like Buddha."

Me: "But Buddha is fat."

Trainer: "Buddha is...enlightening."

Me: "And he is fat."

Trainer: ....

Me: ....

Trainer: "I'm sorry, VinVin, that's not what I meant...."

Me: "Oh, gahd, I was just teasing you. I was just joking. You're always so serious." 😅😅😅

I seriously need to find a balance between my sense of humor and my audience's. 😂😂😂

This was 2 weeks ago.

Kidding aside, like I said earlier, I've finally reached the 94 kg mark. I lost another kilo again since last week and approximately 4 kilos since I got back from Pico De Loro (I'll talk about my pico De Loro trip next time and one of my major takeaways from that trip is that I gained 4 kg during my 3-day stay there! LOLZ!).

I feel lighter now and my breathing has also improved. Not to mention that most of my pants (including the one I'm wearing in this photo) have started to fit loosely. Coach Domi has also started giving me a much more rigorous training since last week. So help me God. 😅😅😅✌✌✌

One time, I was at BDO when one of the account officers there blurted out, "Sir, sorry, I must say this lang but you're pumapayat (losing weight) talaga." I looked her in the eye to mentally tell her that I was displeased as a customer when she called me "sir." LOLZ! I smiled at her and then afterwards she asked me if I had been going to the gym, etc. She's not my mum so I don't need to tell her that I'm doing zumba. LOL. I told her that it's proper diet and exercise and that I have a #trainer who helps me achieve my #fitness goals, blah blah. In my mind, I was like thinking if I should bring my trainer to that branch one time to teach them how to still be physically fit while being stuck on their chairs 12 hours a day. Oh, wait, they might freak out when they see him. LOL.

And then I had a meeting that same morning and our department head was like, "Vin, you're such an inspiration. Ang laki na ng na-lose mo." And I was like, "Stress lang po." 😅😅😅 And then she said, "No, I see you working out kaya...." I was like...she "saw" me? Working out? I didn't say anything anymore. I just smiled at her because we might start talking about things that the other people in that meeting aren't supposed to hear.

And then when I was at the elevator going down for my everyday lunch time walk, I chanced upon a friend from another department and he was like....

"Vin, grabe, so payat."

"Awww...thanks teh."

"Inspired? In love?"

"Grabe ka 'teh...."

3 compliments in half a day. Thank you, Coach Domi! My efforts are getting recognized.

My fitness trainer Coach Domi looking so happy because of the results of our fitness program. Teehee!

So...if you also have the same goals as I do, and if you need a qualified trainer to achieve these goals, why not drop Coach Domi an email?

Contact him at samoisette.dominic@gmail.com and follow him on Instagram @dominicsamoisette for his regular fitness tips and videos.

'Til my next update!

Thanks for everything, Coach Domi.



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