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Friday, March 11, 2016

Male Model Spotlight: The handsome Dutch male model Cas Winters (Mister International Netherlands 2015)

photos from Facebook

I hope I'll still be able to blog properly after seeing that photo of Cas Winters above. I dunno why I'm actually even making that as the top photo for this post. LOLZ! But I just so love it. It's oozing with so much sexiness. Just. So. Much.

CHOZ! Ok. Let's get down to business.

Cas Winters is the 2015 Mister International Netherlands. He's Dutch-Indonesian and working as a fitness trainer and, obviously, as a male model. From what I know he's currently here in the Philippines for some projects and, believe me, I'm really praying that he'll stay here for good. Or if not for good...for a very long time.

I really have a soft spot for Dutch guys. Teehee!

You can find more information about him via his Facebook page. You may also enjoy a daily dose of him by just following him on Instagram. I'm telling you...his Instagram is like filled with tons and tons of photos of him looking oh-so-good-looking! I try to check out his IG whenever I'm feeling down and then after that, just by seeing him in a photo...smiling....I'm ok again. Teehee!

But for now...lemme just share with you first these photos of Cas that I found online. Just a glimpse of how handsome he really is. I really think he's very, very, very, mega, ultra, super gorgeous.

I wonder how I'd feel if I'd get to see him in person one time? Oh, I can just imagine.

 Photo from Raymond Rufz-Valera
That's Eastwood City. And that's his chest. Teehee!
I love the windmill! And I love Cas. Ahihihi!
You can really already say that a guy is sexy even with a shirt on. I mean...c'mon....just look at him.
But without a shirt on...oh, dear...I...just...can't....LOLZ!
Photo from Raymond Saldana
Can we call him "Ironman"? Teehee! And don't you just love his abs? Don't ya? Because I do.

That's all for now.

I'll try to blog more about Cas Winters next time. Don't worry.

Good luck on your career, Cas! Wishing you all the best. *Mwah!*



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