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Monday, September 14, 2015

My thoughts about "Heneral Luna"

Sad that SM Megamall Cinema 11 was barely 25% full when I watched "HENERAL LUNA" tonight. We might probably never get to see a movie as beautiful, witty and moving as ‪#‎HeneralLuna‬ this year (or, if I could exaggerate a bit, in our lifetime).

It's a period film but its message is so timely. The script was exceptional, second to none. The ending reminded of Juan Luna's (Antonio Luna's brother) infamous painting, "Spolarium." Brrr....kinda gruesome. Watch the movie if you wanna find out why.

John Arcilla was undeniably brilliant and convincing as Gen. Antonio Luna. He was born to play this role and I'm just so happy that character actors like him are given the chance to really show what being a bona fide actor truly is. At the same time, his heroic portrayal was also magnanimously supported by Joem Bascon and Archie Alemania (I was surprised, to be honest) as Col. Paco Roman and Capt. Eduardo Rusca respectively. I particularly loved how Archie's character was able to inject humor in those scenes where I least expected it. It wasn't hard sell at all.

All in all, I loved how this movie as well as John Arcilla were able to humanize the stupendous immenseness of a very bold and heroic character that is Heneral Luna. If you're expecting for the movie to teach you about Philippine history, to some extent, yes, but not quite. What I've found to be more important here are not the events that transpired more than a century ago, but the emotions, ideals, principles and the varying interpretation of patriotism among the characters: something that we should've already known by now had we not only been blinded by our personal and "familial" interests and priorities.

Also, the mid-credits scene was like a precursor to a potential "Gregorio Del Pilar" movie. (Marvel much?) I dunno. I'd be more than glad if there's gonna be one anyway.

*Some cinemas have given word that HENERAL LUNA might be pulled off from cinemas after only a few days of screening. This is to make room for upcoming foreign and mainstream films.*

Friends, please do yourself a big, big, big favor and watch "Heneral Luna." Besides, students get a 50% discount. Please. I'm already begging you.

Oh...and I loved this line from Heneral Luna: “Para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang puta.” Jejejejejejejeje!

"Heneral Luna" is still showing in cinemas nationwide.



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