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Friday, May 1, 2015

My first "Charaptor" experience at SM MOA by the Bay (Lovezzzit!!!)

First and foremost, thank you Cheska and Charie for the wonderful time that we had at the opening of Charaptor's second branch at SM MOA by the Bay! And thank you to my bangs for not cooperating in the photo below. CHOZ!

This was basically my first "Charaptor" experience ever and it had been made so special because it coincided with the grand opening of their SM Mall of Asia branch.
Barbecue all you can! I love barbeque. And I so so so love isaw. I wonder if they have isaw? Let's find out.
The ambiance inside made me feel like I was inside a log cabin, though, of course, the entire establishment was made of concrete.
That's where we were gonna have our barbecue. Hot charcoal would be put inside it.
And that's the buffet table! A voluminous premium selection of meat, poultry, seafood, and veggies for us to choose from. None of which were cooked, of course.
I saw something. Was that isaw?
They also had a dessert bar and beside it were some appetizers like siomai and cheese sticks (I think). Behind the appetizers were a few pasta options and some fried rice. I loved their carbonara actually.
Tada! Just one more thing missing. The charcoal.
I just thought of taking a photo of those lighting fixtures. I thought that they were cute and modern.
On the buffet table you would also find an array of various sauces. And on your table you will see some tips on which sauce/s would perfectly match each delicacy.
And this is how you would cook it. I suck at barbecuing. I swear.
And here's a closer (but blurry) look at what were being served on the buffet table.
You would see the staff preparing some of 'em in front of you. So that kinda guarantees that everything that they serve is clean and fresh.
There were also some sausages by the way.
What I initially got was a pile of fried siomai (LOLZ!), some fried rice, a bowl of cream of mushroom soup, and a glass of pineapple juice (I so loved their pineapple juice. It brought back so many of my childhood memories. I dunno why.)
ISAW!!!! I only got 4 sticks, though. I also decided to try the salmon, some steaks, and a chicken sausage.
While waiting for my isaw to get cooked, I decided to try their carbonara (which, like I said, I really loved) and a few more pieces of their very delectable fried siomai. I guess it's also already very obvious that I so enjoyed eating their fried siomai. CHOZ!
Hmmm...such a serene moment....
ISAW!!!!!!! Believe it or not, I really really really irrevocably love isaw. As in. Super. For those of you who dunno what isaw is, it's actually...well....chicken intestines on a stick.
Don't you just love this? Anyway, their isaw also tasted really great. I think I was able to finish around 7 sticks that night. YIKES!
'Til our next "Charaptor" moment, Cheska and Charie!

The best charcoal barbecue buffet in Manila. Enjoy char-grilled juicy meat and fresh seafood. Taste the smoky flavor produced only by real charcoal grill.


Some of you might notice that their MOA branch is pricier than their Makati branch. You really hafta visit their MOA branch to know the difference. Their MOA branch serves a premium selection of steaks and seafood that aren't found in their Makati branch (I verified this from a friend who frequents their branch in Kamagong). The ambiance is also different. VERY DIFFERENT from their Makati one. I've already seen their Makati branch from the outside and I would be so unfair if I'd compare it to their MOA branch. Just see for your self.

Plus, c'mon...they have aircon in MOA. I mean...c'mon....




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