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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Satisfying a Wangfu Chinese Bistro craving

December 13, 2013

Probably one of the restos that you really need to try is "Sir Chief" Richard Yap's Wangfu Chinese Bistro located along Tomas Morato cor. Roces Ave. in Quezon City.

We had lunch here a month ago and I'm telling you....


Well, yeah, Sir Chief is already yummy himself. Teehee! But the Chinese and Singaporean dishes that they serve in Wangfu are undoubtedly much yummier!

We've really been wanting to have lunch here since the day we first saw this featured on Kris TV a couple of months back.

Come and take a look at the interiors first.

I really admire the place's interiors. Just...fabulous!
And that loft area over there....
And that Christmas tree over here....
And those hanging lights up there...

And the staircase....
And the seats....
You'll probably think right away that this place is expensive. But, believe me...everything that they offer here is unbelievably affordable! More affordable than your usual mall-based Asian cuisine restaurant.
Oh. That's my mama over there. Waiting for our food.
Wafu? Not so. CHOZ!
Anyhow, I saw a celebrity and his manager/handler went up there that afternoon. Private meeting perhaps.
Drinks were served first.
I had a tall thin glass of milk tea.
Thin because the rest were average-sized. And mine wasn't. Look.
Fried rice and some cold cuts/meat platter. And my favorite century egg.

Some soup over there.
My tofu over here. But this wasn't that good.
Chicken. I forgot what it's called! It's 3-something. But this was so good!
Some shrimp wrapped in bacon.
We weren't able to finish everything, especially the tofu since it wasn't that good. I also wasn't able to take photos of the other dishes that we tried because I only realized that I didn't get to take photos of 'em when we were already about to finish 'em. LOLZ!

Our overall bill was only a little over PhP 3,000 (for 4 people). Not that bad, right?

My aunt wanna go back here this Christmas because she wanna see Sir Chief in person. Teehee! She's a big big big fan of Richard Yap and "Be Careful With My Heart." She watches the show even back in the Middle East. She's a retired OFW from Abu Dhabi and she just came back here in the Philippines this year. I would really really really love for her to see Mr. Yap in person.

I wonder which days Sir Chief usually visits Wangfu. Would you know?

Will definitely come back here again before 2013 ends!

For reservations, you may call 410-0304.




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