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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Help Find Tarin "Para Kay Agit"

November 12, 2013

My friend, Jec, forwarded this to me. That boy in the photo above is Tarin. His parents (below), Geo and Agit, died in the storm surge of typhoon Yolanda last week to save him.

Please read the whole story below from Jace Agustin.

This is Geraldine “Geo” Sustento together with the husband Agit Sustento and 3 yrs old son Tarin Sustento. Geraldine or Geo as everyone calls her was born and raised at Mines View Brgy, Baguio City.

Early this year, they settled in Tacloban City where husband Agit Sustento’s home town. (From Damn Bibeth update)

This is what happened to Geo (as recounted by Joanna and DukeDuke Sustento - Agit's siblings).

Last November 8, 2013 @ around 5am in the morning, Geo together with the rest of the family members were already awake and even had breakfast together. At 7am, as the storm continued to get stronger, water started to enter the house. They thought it was only rain water so they blocked the windows and doors with rags but the water started rising in just few minutes so they decided to go out of their house even if the storm was still at its strongest. In the process, they broke closest windows and held on to the metal bars for safety as the water continued to rise. Agit and his brother saw a life vest floating so they put it on Tarin. There was even an ice box floating nearby so Agit said to DukeDuke to get it so he can put Tarin inside. Unfortunately, DukeDuke can't confirm if Agit was able to catch the box and what happened to them at that point because he got separated from them due to the strong current.

Joanna and the rest was still at their house and according to her, as the water got higher and inside the house, there was even a snake swimming with them. The snake bit Geo's hand. Joanna said she sucked the venom or blood from the bite. We are not sure if the snake was poisonous or not but anyway, Geo started to get nervous. The situation is worse than we thought. Joanna said that it was like your body and face are being hit with hard, cold ice. The water was so cold so everybody was already shaking. Tarin kept quiet the whole time, didn't even cry, but you can see the worry in his eyes too. His parents kept him close to them.

The flood happened in a matter of minutes. It rose up to 15 feet high.

At this point, nobody knows the exact details how Geo, Agit, tito Cesar and tita Thelma were taken.

At this time, Geo’s sister Genevieve together with husband Karl and cousin Bibeth are in Tacloban City to check on the remains of Geo, Agit and Geo’s parents in laws.

Our main concern now is Geo’s 3 year-old Son Tarin Sustento who was swept away from his parent’s arms during the typhoon. According to a family member before Tarin was swept away, his father Agit found a life jacket and placed on him to save him and nobody can tell yet if his father was able to place Tarin on the floating ice box. The family and friends are hoping for miracle that Tarin could make it, that he was just somewhere else’s hand safe and sound. (Taken from Francine Kelly’s Status)

PLEASE HELP US FIND HIM no matter what the circumstance is, as long as her aunt Genevieve will have Tarin in her arms. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS POST END IT HERE. HELP US SPREAD THE NEWS.

ANY INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Genevieve Bindo: 0905-663-3401 OR Bibeth Lacaden: 0917-590-9837

Agit's friends (Jec included) are also raising funds to give him and his family a decent burial. Agit is the bassist of the "Kadangyan" band.

"Para Kay Agit"
November 18, 2013
Sev's Cafe, Manila

They will be giving away 10 "Kadangyan" albums on the 18th. Tickets are at PhP 100 each and all proceeds will go to Agit Sustento's family. The albums, PhP 250 each, will be available for purchase as well on the event itself. Artworks will also be auctioned.

From Talahib Music Studio:


Many of you know Agit as the bassist for the band Kadangyan. He is also a modern-day pintado, and a tattoo artist very passionately involved with his craft. To us, Agit is a very dear friend so close to our hearts that we all were saddened to hear about his sudden passing.

Agit, along with wife, Geo, son, Tarin, and both his parents were tragically taken from us by the recent events in Tacloban and most of Kabisayaan. WE LOST ALL FIVE OF THEM TO YOLANDA.

As a collective initiative of friends who are heartbroken by this awful news, we would like to appeal to your kind hearts to support our event and extend help to Agit's family. The goal is to be able to give them the proper burial that they deserve, possibly have their bodies air-lifted from where they are now, which is in a waiting shed near their house.

Please feel free to share this poster, and in advance, we thank you for all your prayers, your donations and any help that you would like to extend to Agit's family. Magandang araw po! Padayon!

Please help find Tarin and please also support the "Para Kay Agit" event on the 18th.

Thank you.



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