"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Friday, October 11, 2013

My very first "Café Lidia" experience with Celine

October 11, 2013

First and foremost I'd like to thank my friend Celine for this free late lunch treat at Café Lidia in Marikina a few weeks back.

It's my first time to dine in there and believe me it was really such an amazing and "affordable" experience!

I first saw and heard about Café Lidia via Kris Aquino's morning talk show, Kris TV, last August and swear...I've always wanted to visit this place ever since that day. And lo and behold, a few weeks after my birthday...here I was....at none other than Café Lidia!

Thank you again, Donya Celine! Hehehehehehehehehehe!
The waiting area outside Café Lidia.
It really looked so homey.
The restaurant was kinda full that afternoon that's why we had no choice but to just wait outside.
There was also a some sort of function on the second level so we really had no choice but to wait for us to be seated.
The facade of Café Lidia.
Donya Celine with my favorite Longchamp tote.
The prices of their food at Café Lidia were really unbelievably affordable. Swear. As in. Super.

Pasta for less than PhP 200!!!
Celine told me to try out their chicken, too.
Donya Celine flipping through the menu.
Here...I'll let you have a look, too.

I had a mixed seafood marinara for only PhP 175!!!

And their crispy fried boneless chicken for only PhP 220!!! It was superb! Believe me.

I also tried their butterscotch vanilla and...damn....it was better than Figaro's!

For the health buffs.
The entire place really had a homey....
...and cozy ambiance....
As evidenced by Donya Celine's smile over here. Teehee!
This somewhat showed photos of the different people, including celebrities, who had visited Café Lidia in the past.
So loving those photos hanging over there.
See. It's as if I was dining in Greenbelt or High Street here.
My butterscotch vanilla drink. It wasn't that sweet that's why I so loved it. Plus the whipped cream on top really tickled my taste buds.
My mixed seafood marinara. Probably one of the best marinaras I've ever had so far. And, again, it's only PhP 175!!!
This was Celine's chicken fingers.
And her arrabiata.
And this one over here was my boneless fried chicken. It's really really really very crispy! And the best thing about it was that it was boneless! And I had 2! The gravy was also very delectable. I just dunno if it was homemade or whatever. But it was really good.

I really had so much fun that afternoon. My chit chats with Celine. The food we were having. The place itself. The friendliness of the staff. Such a perfect experience for me. Swear. As in. Super.

I'm really so looking forward to coming back here again one time. I just can hardly wait!

Café Lidia is located at 64 Calderon St., Calumpang, Marikina, Metro Manila.



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