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Friday, September 27, 2013

How Max's Restaurant Sta. Lucia East Mall "ruined" my birthday moment

September 27, 2013

First and foremost, I'd just like to say that our family will never ever go to this Max's Restaurant branch on the 3rd level of Sta. Lucia East Mall. Never. Ever.

And I'm having second thoughts if I actually should still visit any branch of Max's Restaurant as well. I don't want to experience the same disappointment again. Never. Ever.

I celebrated my birthday a couple of Thursdays and ago, September 12, and that following weekend my family and I went to Max's Restaurant at Sta. Lucia East Mall to have a "post birthday" lunch celebration.

I ordered my "usual" favorites. I say "usual" because I actually grew up dining at Max's Restaurant when I was young.

My usual favorites were their fried chicken (of course), caldereta, tofu con lechon, pancit luglug, sizzling tofu, and their new tinapa rice.

We arrived at Max's Restaurant Sta. Lucia East Mall at around 10:30 AM-ish. We were the first customers. As usual.

Are you excited to see some of our orders?


This is what a Max's Restaurant caldereta should look like. Oozing with sauce, potatoes, veggies, and the meat really looks so tender and juicy. But....
This was the kinda caldereta that was served to us. See that? Just take a look at that meat! It looks like it's even rotten! I tried taking a small bite and...elk! YUCK! It's like rubber! I couldn't even chew on it. I didn't even bother touching it again. Swear. I didn't wanna get sick. Gosh. Disappointment much! But that's only the beginning....
We also ordered their tinapa rice. See that? It looks so golden and tasty and rich with flavor.
Here's what I found on their online menu. But here's what was served to us....
Doesn't that look like a poorly made fried rice? I tried to taste it and...GOSH!!! So salty!!! Not the usual tinapa rice that we would oftentimes order. And seeing those white rice all around it just added to the already piling up disappointment that I was getting. What were their cooks thinking?!
Next was their tofu con lechon. One of my personal favorites. Their lechon was supposed to be crispy yet still tender. And the tofu...it's just supposed to be mouthwatering. But....
Here's what we got. The tofu looked so blunt. It still tasted kinda fine but it's not like the usual tofu that other Max's Restaurants serve. And the lechon...should I even start talking about the lechon? Just take a look at it. How many times had they "reheated" that? Huh? I dunno. Gosh....The strips. Its texture. Its color. Who cooked this?!
Lastly...the pancit luglug. This is one of my aunts' personal favorites. I ordered an ala carte since it's my birthday anyway. You should eat pancit during your birthday to have long life. But....
My patience reached its maximum and I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Look at the serving size of the pancit luglug above. And the color. And the texture. And the richness of the noodles. Compare that with....
This one. QUE HORROR!!! I don't even wanna talk about this anymore. Swear. As in. Super. I mean...would you actually even eat that?! Just look at the kinda meat that's on top of it. And that shrimp...was that actually even cooked?! And the noodles...where's its color? This was supposed to be a pancit luglug and I've never seen a pancit luglug this poorly done in my entire lifetime. Swear. As in. Oh, gosh....

That's all. I don't wanna say anything more.

I was just so more than disappointed that day. Swear. No words can explain my disappointment.

It was my birthday for crying out loud. And Max's Restaurant Sta. Lucia East Mall "ruined" that very special moment of my life.

So...Max's Restaurant....

Do you have anything to say?

Thank you.


To those who are asking if we complained to the management: OF COURSE WE DID. DUH. That's the basic initial reaction of a normal human being. I even told them that the caldereta from a carinderia was much much better than the one that they served us. And I told them that the meat was like rubber. Their reaction? Nothing. We left the restaurant and gave them a good tip.

And, yes, I'm really a very quiet person but if someone or something pisses me off I could be really very mataray and snotty as well.



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Rowena Wendy Lei said...

Grabe naman yan. I have not eaten at Max's in a while but seeing the photos parang nakakawalang gana talaga. :/

VinVin said...

Hay true, Mommy. :( I complained na in front of them, right there and then, they didn't do anything. Especially about the caldereta. Hay....

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