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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My "Just Delivered Jeans" SM Men's Fashion Show experience (SM City North EDSA Skydome, August 17, 2013)

August 20, 2013

Last Saturday was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. CHOZ!

Ok. I was just exaggerating.

If you could still remember, last Saturday, August 17th, was the "Just Delivered Jeans" show of SM Men's Fashion at the Skydome in SM City North EDSA.


Remember now? LOLZ!

Anyhow, here are some of the photos that I took. I just used my Samsung Galaxy S4. I wasn't able to use my digicam. I just...forgot. LOLZ! I only realized that my digicam was in my bag when the show started already. A little too late.

I was able to take, like, over 500 photos I think. I just randomly selected some that I'd post here on my blog. So, forgive me if some of them are quite blurry. Or are just really blurry. Again, I just randomly picked them.

But, I do hope you would still feel the "titillating sensation" that I felt while I was watching the greatest show on earth! Ok. I was exaggerating again.

Here you go.

I wasn't able to get a good seat, but, I'm not picky anyway. This was fine. Though, I admit, I did wish for a better seat and "view" since I'd be taking pictures for my blog.
DJ Jessica.
Show's about to start.
Bianca Valerio. Blurry much.
And now...let the hunks enter!!! I think that's Fabio Ide.
Fabio Ide. Hideo Muraoka. Oh...these Brazilians....

I love their jackets.

I love his arms.

Daniel Matsunaga.

Oh...Daniel....that jacket on you makes you look oh-so-hot!
I believe this is Rafa? Or Amadeo?

Handsome much!!!
I love his smile. But this ensemble kinda makes him look a little old.

I love this guy over here. His hair. It's the hair!!!

And his arms.
It's as if his hair shouts something like, "Look at me! I'm beautiful!"

I believe this is Mark McMahon.
And believe you now hate me for posting such a very blurry photo.

This male model over here was so bold.
He took his top off!
Topless men....
Let's see all of the hunks once more.

It was raining cats and dogs outside.
But it was raining MEN MEN MEN in SkyDome that night as well! And, yes, that's Mark McMahon.

I thought I also saw Clint Bondad there...somewhere....
And so all of them took their shirts off!
I just wasn't able to catch any of the shirts that they were throwing at us. HUHUHU!!!
Too bad I didn't get to catch that black shirt he threw at me. The person in front of me caught it. But I didn't fight him anymore. Not over a shirt. No. Poise much first. CHOZ!

Hay...too many men....
Kinda depressing....
You could only stare at them....
None of them would become your boyfriend....
I like this guy over here, too.

Behold...the endorsers of The SM Store's Just Delivered Jeans.
"Mr. Look at me! I'm beautiful!" is one of them, too.

The meet and greet.
I hope I'll be given the chance to "meet" and "greet" them in person, too. Someday.
Mr. Beautiful....
That's Hideo and beside him is somewhat a Xian Lim look-a-like.
Awww...Mr. Beautiful....I think he's only 19. YIKES!!!

That's all. Thank you.

Keep safe, everyone!!!

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