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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes...Chris Cayzer was arrested but please DON'T judge him....

July 22, 2013

Learning about the news as regards what happened to Chris Cayzer last Thursday night (in Mandaluyong) really broke my heart. I only found out about it last Friday morning and I thought everything was just gonna be fine.

I'm not gonna blog about what happened in detail anymore because this is not a news blog. It's all over the news, anyway. Even on Twitter.

Last Friday afternoon, I didn't hear any updates about him anymore; no news from his manager and from his friends (via Twitter). His fan clubs weren't also informed of his condition. I really got so worried but I just thought that everything was fine and that perhaps he posted bail already that he was just probably on his way home and stuff.

I turned on my TV last Friday night the moment I got home and here's what I saw: news about Chris Cayzer. I somewhat cried while watching him on TV. He didn't deserve that. It's as if the media portrayed him like a criminal. He committed a mistake, yes. But, please, people, we shouldn't judge him. We didn't know what really happened. Chris Cayzer is one of the nicest guys in the world. No one on earth can change that.

But then I found out just this morning that he actually stayed in prison the whole weekend. And, yes, that really got me so worried again. I somewhat hated myself for being so complacent the entire time. I twitted his fan clubs a number of times asking how he was doing, what his condition was and as to whether or not his showbiz friends (again) already visited him.

And I even asked how much his bail was! I was just that desperate.

I also thought about his family in Zamboanga and especially those back in Australia. I was pretty sure they were also more than worried. Perhaps even more worried than I was.

There were just really so many things running around in my head at that time.

Before noon time today I received a message from one of his fans saying that he's already set to be released within the day and that his bail has already been paid. It just so happened that his hearing wasn't finalized last Friday that's why he had to stay in prison the entire weekend. And, again, gosh, that really broke my heart!!!

I tweeted him a quote tonight just to cheer him up and to assure him that I am and will still always be with him. To my surprise...he replied! (NOTE: I was the first person he tweeted after a long hiatus.)

I also received a tweet from his manager saying that he's doing ok now and that he's thankful for all of the support and prayers.

That's all I need to know. That's all I wanna know.

I know Chris Cayzer's battle isn't over, yet, but I hope he'll always remember that we'll forever be with him through thick and think. And that we love him. I love him. Very dearly. Very much.

Again, please...I'm begging you....let's not judge Chris Cayzer.

Everything will be better soon, Chris. Everything will be just fine.

Click here for more of Chris Cayzer.



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