"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Farewell, our dear Cosmo and Mossimo hunk Kenjie Zabala....

photos from Facebook / Cosmo.ph / Mark Ryan Alvarez Photography

July 22, 2013

One shocking news surprised me this morning the moment I woke up. I received a Facebook message from a friend asking me if the news about Kenjie Zabala's untimely death was true. At 4AM in the morning...seriously? That's the question you're gonna ask me?

I immediately checked my timeline for some news about him because Kenjie and I had been friends for almost 3 years now. I didn't wanna believe that he was gone. No. He couldn't be gone. He's still so young, Lord. Please. No. It couldn't be true.

But, unfortunately...it's true. God took him away and I couldn't find any courage in me to question Him and ask Him why. Why Kenjie? Why now? Why?

So untimely. So soon.

Kenjie is so young. I think he's just turning 28. He's also one very hardworking person. He's very active in doing photo shoots and in participating in various events. We had a misunderstanding before but when he found out that what he did offended me, he immediately sent me his sincerest apologies. Kenjie is really a very nice guy. And, yes, he's a very smart and profound person, too. He oftentimes posted lengthy Filipino quotes on Facebook...questioning and challenging life, our beliefs, our norms, our society. He was really a very deep person.

But now...he's gone....

I was told that Kenjie Zabala died because of severe pneumonia. I texted his number this morning and I received a response from his number this afternoon confirming the news. I was just so shocked.

Kenjie...you knew my number....you should've texted me if you needed any help. I always told you I'd be willing to help you in any way that I could. But, now...I couldn't do that anymore. Fudge...I think I'm gonna cry....

Kenjie was a constant model in the annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash. He would also oftentimes pose for Cosmopolitan magazine itself. He was a stationary hunk in Cosmo because he was, indeed, a certified Cosmo hunk anyway. Not only that, back in 2009, he also competed in Mossimo Bikini Summit. That was the time I first had a crush on him.

But now, again, yes, he's gone. OMG...I really feel like crying now.

Let's all remember Kenjie as a handsome chinito hunk who filled our hearts with so much joy and inspiration. I know that Kenjie is now in heaven embracing God, his creator, our creator.

Farewell, my dear friend.

Farewell, our dear Cosmo and Mossimo hunk Kenjie Zabala....

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