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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thinking of getting the Sleek, Savvy, Sassy and Sexy "Samsung Galaxy S4"

photos from Samsung Philippines

April 21, 2013

Again...emphasis on the word "thinking." But, c'mon...undoubtedly I just can't deny that this phone is really beautiful.

Can you describe the Samsung Galaxy S4 in 4 words? As for me: Sleek, Savvy, Sassy, Sexy. SO ME! LOLZ!

But, again...emphasis on the word, yes, "thinking." I bet this phone is gonna be pricey. Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, retailed at almost ~PhP 30,000. Oh, dear....

For those of you who are already decided to get this phone, you can now reserve your Samsung Galaxy S4 and claim it on May 5th at BGC Central. Wow...that's payday for me! LOLZ! But, again...emphasis on the word "thinking."

I wish someone will just give me one. For free. As a gift. From a suitor.

CHOZ! *Asa much*

The long wait is almost over!

Register to reserve your Galaxy S 4 and be one of the first to own one along with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Starter Kit!

You can redeem your Galaxy S4 on May 5, 2013 ONLY at BGC Central.

You can also have an additional Php5,000 or Php3,000 discount on your Galaxy S4 on April 26 and May 3!

Check out the mechanics tab for full details: http://iwantags4.com/

*Offer is good for Metro Manila only.




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