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Monday, April 29, 2013

The first time that I met Chris Cayzer in person....

April 29, 2013

So surreal, huh? Well, as far as I'm concerned...yes....it's really one surreal experience.

I just noticed that I've been blogging and promoting Chris Cayzer's various gigs here on my blog, but I haven't actually blogged about the very first time that I met him in person. As in up close and personal.

Ok. Technically...the first time that I saw Chris Cayzer in person was during MusicFest 2010 that was held back in February 2010 at the McKinley Hill Concert Grounds. I was seated at the VIP action, watching Boyce Avenue performing on stage, when all of a sudden Raymond Gutierrez passed by with Chris Cayzer behind him and a few of their other friends. I also thought that I saw Carla Humphries with them. There were rumors before that she and Chris kinda "dated." Or was it true? Did she and Chris become a couple? I really dunno. I'm so not into showbiz news. Swear. But, anyway, yeah, again, technically speaking that was the very first time that I saw Chris Cayzer in person. Of course I didn't say "hi" to him. He didn't know me (yet). But, deep inside I was like..."Sh*t...it's Chris Cayzer!"



Ok. So that was more than 3 years. Fast forward to 2013...a lot of things had happened already. Chris went back to Australia then auditioned for X Factor then went back here again in the Philippines. Hay...if he only knew that during those times or years I was still silently supporting him (via my blog, of course).

And then I found out that he was gonna have a pre-Valentine's Day gig at 7th High last February 13th. I so wanted to go and attend his gig during that time but I couldn't. I just couldn't. I had to render overtime work in the office. Luckily, that was also the same night that I met up with my guy friend Miguel instead at Greenbelt.

I felt a little sad that I didn't get to go to Chris Cayzer's first ever Manila gig that night. So, lo and behold, when I found out that he was gonna be having another one on the 27th of February, without batting an eyelash I already marked that date on my calendar and made sure that no one and nothing would disrupt my schedule on that night. CHOZ!

So, here I was...February 27th...at Apex Lounge, 7th High in Bonifacio Global City....

Eating this huge pizza. LOLZ!

I was able to invite 2 of my lovely office mates to go with me that night. Thank you, Tin and Shushi! Though, of course, I won't post their photos here on my blog since they're "private" individuals. By the way, I love this pizza's crust. It's like "pita." If you know what "pita" is. But, I guess you do.
My main course was this very yummy pesto pasta. Which reminds me...I gotta order this one again. Kinda been a while since I had Apex Lounge's pesto pasta. IMO, probably one of the best pesto pasta's I've ever tried. No kidding. And it's not even expensive! Door charge is PhP 250 but it already comes with a free drink.
And then the moment that I had been waiting for....
CHRIS CAYZER!!! Ok. Not really "the moment that I had been waiting for" but more like "the guy that I had been waiting for." Forever. LOLZ! Ahihihihi! Landeh much!!!
I just really couldn't describe my happiness that night. I mean...c'mon....for example you've been a fan of this artist your entire life, in my case, since 2006 since I believe Chris started his career around that time. And then you actually never got the chance to meet that favorite artist of yours. Or even just listen or watch him perform and sing a few songs. More so to touch his hand or give him a very warm hug. So, yeah, you could say that the "fanatic" in me was extremely rejoicing that night. More than words could ever explain. Ever.
Back in 2006, I wanted to get Chris to perform in one of my events in school. It was for my organization's party. I contacted his management back then (starts with the letter "M") but we kinda didn't get to agree with their conditions. There wasn't gonna be any talent fee (I guess it was because Chris was just starting out that time) but, instead, they wanted us to sell 100+++ of his CDs at our event's venue (which was Club Halo in Makati, not sure if it's still there). Back then, his CD was priced at PhP 250. I checked my bank account and I only had a very measly PhP 37,000 in savings. I could buy all 100 CDs perhaps but...what would happen to me? I was just a student back then. A 19-year-old college senior. So, yeah, I wasn't successful in getting Chris to perform at our party. *sigh* But, lo and behold....
TADA!!! OMG....I feel like crying right now. Tears of joy. Teehee! Swear. God knows how much I love Chris Cayzer. Like, if you have Noranians or Vilmanians or even One Directioners....there are also "Cayzerians" and I'm proud to say that I'm one of them. I promised myself that I'll try my very best to attend and go to all of Chris Cayzer's gig (except if it's kinda far from where I live). 7th High. Tambayan sa Kanto. I wonder if I can get him to perform on my birthday? Because you see I'm planning to have a "Jollibee Kiddie Party" for a group of street/abandoned street kids at, where else, Jollibee and I probably would wanna have someone to perform or sing for the kids, and not just have a funny-looking bloated orange mascot goofing around. LOLZ! (I love you, Jollibee.) Still a few months away, anyway. My birthday is on September 12th.
Spell...*S-U-R-R-E-A-L* Look at his hand. On my shoulder. LOLZ! Ahihihihi! *Kilig Much!*

February 27, 2013, a Wednesday night. This is probably one of the most memorable nights of my life. Chris Cayzer greeted me on stage. After his first set, he went to our table and personally talked to me/us. He even posed for a photo with me/us. He held my hand. He talked to me/us. He's just really a very "warm" person.

Gosh. I could feel a tear trickling down my cheek right now....

Oh. It's just a strand of my hair. LOLZ!

But, anyway, I swear...I'll always be here supporting Chris Cayzer. I hope he won't stop playing, making and composing good music. All of my friends love his voice. No kidding. Swear. As in. Super. They always tell me that he has a very soothing and so nice soulful voice. He's kinda like a soul...jazz....singer.

I know Chris loves what he does. I can feel it. You can feel his passion for his music in each of his performance. It's never half-baked. He always gives more than 100% whenever he performs. He's a total performer in his own respect. And I love him for that. (NAKS! Love talaga.)

I just really wish and pray that he would be given the chance to share his music to a much bigger public. (Vice Ganda, may you kindly guest Chris Cayzer on Showtime and Gandang Gabi Vice? Or even on your concert 3 weeks from now? Please? Pretty please?)

Anyway...that's all I've got to say. I'll always pray for you, Chris. Always.

And, again, you'll also always have my support. I think I've proven that to you countless of times already. And I won't get tired of doing that as long as I live. ♥♥♥

I love Chris Cayzer a big big big bunch! Teehee!

Click here for more of Chris Cayzer.

Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisCayzerMusic?feature=mhee
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ChrisCayzer
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