"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Plastic Martyr Strikes a Pose in Haute Couture Jeff Waters Fashion Shoot

photos and info from Media Giants

April 6, 2013

Plastic Martyr Strikes a Pose in Haute Couture Jeff Waters Fashion Shoot

Plastic Martyr Sashays in Jeff Waters Fashion Shoot Featuring One-of-a-kind Designs by Oracles Arise Clothier

Captivating the lens of famous photographers is all in a day’s work for fashionista, singer and model Plastic Martyr. In Marilyn Manson’s protégé’s latest shoot with Santa Monica based fine art photographer Jeff Waters, Plastic Martyr is statuesque and as seductive as ever. Wearing one-of-a-kind designs by Oracles Arise Clothier, the edgy artist is proving to be the next real supermodel of the world.

"It was such an honor shooting with this talented team. Jeff Waters is a dream to work with. He is such an artist and a true genius with his visions,” states Plastic Martyr. “And wearing the creation that Oracles Arise Clothier designed for me was amazing. It’s wearable art. The crown of roses felt religious and sexual at the same time, like I was a little 'Holy Harlot'. The makeup and styling team were also genius. I walked onto set just having rolled out of bed and within 2 hours this shoot was perfected."


Photographer: Jeff Waters
Makeup: Ryder Makeup Labs
Designer: Oracles Arise Clothier
Styling: Aly Ryder, Jeff Waters, Amanda Bon

About Plastic Martyr

Plastic Martyr is an androgynous personality and fashion model living in Los Angeles. He began modeling at age 14 and created an image and brand around his controversial and daring look. Now at 22 he has modeled for well-known designers such as Heatherette and Mother Of London and posed for world renowned photographers such as Austin Young and The Factory photographer Gerard Malanga. This year Plastic Martyr was even used in a worldwide M.A.C cosmetic ad as well as featured in a photography book by Rowynn Dumont.

Plastic Martyr is very unique in that he does not identify as transgender, just as a “boy who embraced natural androgyny and natural femininity”. He shares his love for fashion and self-expression with his followers and fans encouraging them to find themselves and embrace their individuality “despite what society says”. Plastic Martyr recently claimed that he sees himself as “Genderless” meaning that gender is so unimportant and doesn’t define him. He also promotes a healthy image and lifestyle being anti-drugs and alcohol.

He constantly is breaking down walls in the fashion and entertainment world showing that “Gender And Fashion Should Have No Boundaries” making it clear that despite the gender, beauty is a separate thing. Currently Plastic Martyr is working as a high fashion print model for many US designers making his way into magazines, fashion blogs and even the occasional runway and red carpets.

He is known for his elaborate and dramatic photo shoots, and ground breaking fashion as well as his classic “vintage Hollywood” beauty that he spins with an “Avant Guard” twist and a transformative edge. He always produces something new and eye catching while still remaining true to himself and being loyal to his image.

Visit www.plasticmartyr.com for more information.



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