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Friday, March 29, 2013

"Amazing Pinoy" Fun Run on April 27th, BGC (A Philippine Volcanoes vs Azkals Exhibition Race with Andrew Wolff, Chris Everingham and Jon Mullaly)

photos from Mark Alvarez Photography and Event Logic

March 29, 2013

Who do you think will win if the Philippine Volcanoes compete against the Philippine Azkals....in running? Teehee! Gosh! I would love to see that! CHOZ!

Get ready to watch athletes from the Philippine Volcanoes battle against athletes from the Philippine Azkals in an Exhibition Race on April 27th in Bonifacio Global City.

Click on the photo below to see the details of this event.

(Disclaimer: I wasn't invited to attend the launch, so, don't ask me anything about it.)

This event is for the benefit of Filipino Needy Children's Fund, Inc. and Clark Foundation. Plus, you might also get a chance to have a photo op with the participating athletes and celebrities! But, let's concentrate more on the charity part, of course. Ok?
Though....I would love to have a photo taken with Jon Mullaly. Ahihihihi! Read my previous posts about him. I was so head-over-heels on him before (even prior to his PBB Celebrity Edition days). CHOZ! I love Kapitan Boom. Teehee!
Chris Everingham of the Philippine Volcanoes. Damn. I wanna faint.
June Macasaet. I dunno who the girl is. But she's pretty. I love her hair.
Of course I would also definitely love to see Andrew Wolff there. I mean....
Just look at his biceps! LOLZ! I wonder who the guy behind him is. He's cute. And bald. Teehee!


Are you ready for this?


About Amazing Pinoy

Amazing Pinoy is the Next Generation of fun runs! It is a mixture of Amazing Race & a Fun Run rolled into one!

Don’t be a serious runner, be a fun runner! Amazing Pinoy is a fun run with a Twist! The fun run itself is a non-officially timed (but there is a timer), interactive fun run with exciting and interactive challenge stations along the way so that you can share great moments with your friends and family! If you were to join by yourself, we’re sure you will make new friends on the day. These moments will be captured by our photographers for you to share on social media networks.

After the Amazing Pinoy Fun Run we have a great program full of entertainment including photo opportunities with Jon Avila, Andrew Wolff, Amazing Race celebrities such as Sheena Vera Cruz, Eric “Eruption” Tai from Showtime, UFL football players, Philippine Volcanoes and many others. The pinnacle of the event will be watching some national and former national athletes compete in the:

“Athletes from the Volcanoes vs Azkals Exhibition race”

Watch them battle it out in a novel exhibition race at the festival ground to determine which team is better!

On another note, fitness is on the rise in the Philippines, but needs more people involved and while we know the benefits – more energy, feel fitter and healthier, great social activity, positive community to belong – some people have not started yet.

Together, Lets make Philippines fitter!

Amazing Pinoy Fun Run is the answer to all those who want to get started and do not know how or where to begin their running career or those who want to make running more enjoyable. As fitness leaders, EVENT LOGIC, INC. are in a great position in the fitness community to make a real positive difference to the health of the nation!

It’s time to enjoy fitness! Join Amazing Pinoy Fun Run 2013!

Amazing Pinoy has two worthy beneficiaries:

Clark Foundation
The Clark Foundation is an orphanage that houses children from the Clark, Pamapanga area.

Filipino Children’s Needy Fund, Inc.
Founded in 2005 by Rachel Bassant of Tasmania with a strong tie in Wollongong this organisation has been built to help the poor in the Philippines. With every selfless effort they strive to make a difference

For more information, contact:


Event director:
09152061727 (Matthew Golar)

Race hotline:



You can also register online. Just visit http://amazingpinoyrun.com.



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