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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

I saw the new Ford Fiesta...and I fell in love.... (The day I bought "Missy")

February 3, 2013

You've learned from my post yesterday that I was somewhat contemplating, and close to deciding, on buying a Ford Fiesta Sedan.

And after some thorough researching and stuff, just last Saturday morning, January 26th, I decided to pay Ford Cainta a visit.


I actually already have a name for my car. I was gonna call her "Missy." ("Missy" was the name of my very first dog who died when I was 12 years old. She actually literally saved my life. So, I thought it would be nice that the name of my very first car as well would follow hers.)

Ford Cainta is actually a fairly new branch. It just opened October last year.
As we entered the showroom, we were greeted by these 2 Fiesta siblings, the hatchback (black) and the sedan (light blue). I asked my agent as to why the hatchback is more popular on the road than the sedan. She said, "Usually mga BOYS ang bumibili ng hatchback namin po. Mga GIRLS naman mas gusto sedan." She's really "good" in doing sales talk. CHOZ!
My choice was already very clear and final. I wanted the sedan, particularly the Sparkling Gold 1.6L A/T 6PS model. Such a beauty, isn't it? But, the one above is actually the light blue one.
And there she is! Though, that's not really the unit that they gave me. But it exactly looked like it. The color and, of course, the model itself. My "Missy."
Our driver did the "test drive." And he said that driving it felt really great.
Still the same "buttons" and dashboard that I love.
Leg room is definitely OK, too.
The car door....just right. No dramas. No complicated buttons.
And the wheel....I love the music/radio control buttons on the left side of it. And, of course, the Ford logo in the middle. I know I'll never go wrong with a Ford. I just know it. And I also just "feel" it.
Front and back seats....check! No dramas, too. Just the typical sedan that I really initially wanted. I couldn't ask for more.
Hellooooooo Baby!!! I don't want a BF na. I want a GF instead. Meet my GF, "Missy." Ahihihihi! *Baklang Bakla* Teehee! And so...yeah....you've guessed it right. I bought Missy right there and then. And, yes, I was extremely happy. Very happy.

Missy arrived in our house last Monday night. I'll tell you more about it, too, next time.

I chose a Ford Fiesta sedan because, of course, it's a sedan and I don't normally see much of it on the road. I've read some bad reviews about its predecessors but I'm pretty sure that this 2013 Sparkling Gold Ford Fiesta 1.6L A/T 6PS Sedan will prove them all wrong. Because so far....I'm so loving it!

Though, I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing much of the Ford Fiesta Sedan on the road now starting....tomorrow. LOLZ!

If you're also looking into buying your first car (like myself), I'm telling you....pick the Ford Fiesta. Hatchback. Sedan. Whatever.

To be continued....


Click here for more of my Ford Fiesta sedan "Missy."



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