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Thursday, January 31, 2013

These MANY photos of the Island Media Asia boys (I love Michael McDonnell!!!)

January 31, 2013

This is probably my lengthiest post ever. And by far has the most number of photos among all the 4,000+ posts here on my blog.

Just for the looooooove of Michael McDonnell.


This was a few weeks ago during the Island Media Asia boys' guesting on Arnold Clavio's show on GMA News TV.

I won't say anything much anymore on each of the photo below because that's gonna make this post lengthier than what it already is. But...well....I guess you'll understand if I'd be saying something about Michael McDonnell's photos. Just a little. Please? Ahihihihihihihi!

Here you go!

The first part of the show was with Daniel Marsh, Keys Cosido, Brian Wilson and Charlie Sutcliffe.
I was just so worried because Mr. McDonnell wasn't there!

No, Arnold Clavio, you can't take Mr. McDonnell's place. Especially in my heart. No. No. No.

Hotness much....
The Charlie Sutcliffe stare.
The Keys Cosido half-smile.
A pa-cute Brian Wilson.
Ahihihihi! I love you, Brian. You're also one of my faves in your group.
TRUE! Believe me! Hahahaha! I love this screenshot.
Daniel Marsh. Gwapo much.
Ok! I'm being unfaithful to Mr. McDonnell already. I'll shut up now.

They look like twins, don't they?
Or maybe that's just me.

I think I'm in heaven now.
No, VinVin. You're not yet in heaven. Back to reality! That's Henry Edwards.

I love Matt Edwards hair. He looks so neat. And, yes, he's cute.

Michael McDonnell is LOOOOOOOVE!!!
Ok. I was like clicking my BlackBerry's camera every 3 seconds during this part.
Michael McDonnell's forehead....
Michael McDonnell's nose....
Michael McDonnell's eyebrows....
Michael McDonnell's teeth....
Everything about him....
Is just so perfect!!! Teehee!
I think I forgot to mention that his hair is perfect, too.
And so are his ears....
And his eyes....
Ok. Commercial. LOLZ! Henry is cute, too. But both the Edwards brothers are taken already.
Ok. Going back to Mr. McDonnell....
He has the most gorgeous-looking frown in the world.
And the hottest laugh, too! Teehee!
By the way, who among the Edwards brothers is the cuter one for you?
For me...it's Michael McDonnell!!! Ahihihi! Ok. I didn't answer my question.
But, I guess Matt is cuter than Henry. CHOZ!
But don't get me wrong....I'm faithful to Mr. McDonnell.
Awww...don't cry!!!
Yey! That's more like it. Ahihihi!

Hay....he's really the most gorgeous guy in the world for me. As of the moment.

Now....who do you think is the better singer? Michael or Daniel?

Daniel is one intense competition.
With Brian Wilson as the "dark horse." LOLZ!

I hope Mr. McDonnell will sing a Tagalog song for me on Valentine's Day. Just a wish.
Daniel is....Oh! Look at Brian's smile! Haha!
He's just so cute. So so so cute!
I knew it. Daniel was cheating!
And so was....
I still love you, Mr. McDonnell.

And....Matt Edwards. LOLZ! Competition much!

Such a perfect way to end my January! And hello February!

Gosh....Valentine's Day is just 2 weeks away. And no guy has invited me to be his date, yet! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu!

*wink*wink* Teehee!

Island Media Asia

Showcasing the pinoy culture through the eyes of half filipinos living in the Philippines. Immersed in a culture different from their own, but nonetheless appreciating the diversity and beauty that the nation has to offer.


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So, again...please always remember that for me....

Michael McDonnell is ♥♥♥.




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