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Monday, December 3, 2012

These cute and hot male models of Island Media Asia

December 3, 2012

First and foremost, apologies for the very long blogging hiatus. Well...one week of no blogging for me is already kinda a long period of time, so, yeah, I apologize for that.

If you've been following me on Twitter and via my Facebook page, then, you should know the reason behind this. But, anyhow, this post isn't about that. This is about....

*drum roll please*

The cute and hot male models of Island Media Asia.

I hope you still remember Island Media Asia. It was my "then" crush Daniel Marsh who sent me a message on Facebook about this. Since then...I've been following their videos on YouTube. Their funny "adventures." And, of course, their loitering around the busy streets of Metro Manila, with all their hotness and gorgeousness glory, doing things that you'd never imagine guys like them would be doing.

Anyhow again, these boys guested on Hot TV on GMA 7 a couple of weeks back. And, obviously, I got to watch that episode as well.

Let's see if the "goddess" in me will grant me enough wisdom to name and distinguish these boys from each other.


Brian Wilson and....
I dunno who he is! Gosh! And we just started!
Henry Edwards?
Matt Edwards...I like him. Really. But...ok, I'll reserve "that" for later.
The boys.
Charlie Sutcliffe. He has a girlfriend already so I'm gonna keep quiet now. Hi, Monika! Teehee!

Charlie is the leader of the group, by the way. If I'm not mistaken.

See the guy wearing a white shirt?

Brian Wilson again! He's really cute in person. He's humorous. He's not related to Georgina Wilson (according to him). And...he has a girlfriend, too. Teehee!
See that guy at the center?
No, not Brian Wilson again.
Not Jennylyn, of course.
Charlie's hot, but, no, not him.

There. That guy. Holding a microphone in between his legs. OOPS! No malice, please.
Gosh...I really forgot the name of this guy!
Can someone please remind me of his name, please? No, he's not my crush. But, I just feel bad that I forgot his name! I'm so sorry, cutie. Really.

Matt Edwards again. He's really...very....handsome. I mean...his eyebrows say it all. CHOZ!
I'm crushing on Matt more than I'm crushing on Henry. But....
But, Henry follows me on Twitter. So....
I should really go for Henry if that is the case. But, then again....
Matt's eyebrows make my heart skip a beat. LOLZ!
And his smile just really...totally....dazzles me. And melts me. And....Teehee! Fine. Fine. Fine.
Sorry. I've instantly totally forgotten about Matt and Henry now. This is my newest crush. CHOZ!
Michael McDonnell. I dunno if he already has a girlfriend, too. But....
Well. I dunno. It's just a crush. *blushes*
He's Boholano, by the way, and he can speak their dialect. Which is, of course, a plus.
His accent is also something that makes me fall head over heels.
And the way he purses his lips like this.
So boyish! I hate you! I hate you for being too cute!
Ok. I love you again. Teehee! CHOZ!
I obviously wasn't taking that much photos of Michael, wasn't I?
Oh, look at his smile.
CONFIRMED. He's my newest crush. Teehee!
Ok. My old crush. Daniel Marsh. He has a girlfriend, too. Hi Hillarie! Teehee! (I hope and pray that his mom is feeling ok now.)
He and Charlie are probably two of the most popular guys in their group. But, nonetheless, all of them or destined for fame anyway.

Uhmmm. Yes. I don't have a crush on Daniel Marsh anymore. That's for sure.
Yes, Jennylyn. I'm telling the truth. So, what are you trying to say? That AMALAYER!? AMALAYER!?

Yes, Daniel. You're no longer my crush. I keep telling that to myself. LOLZ!

I'm really faithful to Michael now.
Michael for the win! Of my heart! LOLZ! Teehee!

I believe these guys now have a show on GMA News TV. I just really don't get to watch that much TV anymore because of my job and my very busy schedule, so, I can't confirm what day and time their show is. But I think their episode wherein they got to interact with some native tribe somewhere north will be shown on GMA News TV on December 9, 8:45PM. That should be interesting.

I hope these guys can also feature something about how they deal with their female and becky fans. CHOZ.

Or maybe (if they haven't done this, yet), live in a squatters' area for a week or so. And to add some twist to it, the family they'll be living with should consist of 20+ members whose house is just a few square meters big.

Or they can be substitute teachers to an all-boys (with lots of beckys) or all-girls high school. Or a public high school.

Or they can also conduct talks in line with the HIV/AIDS awareness month. Since I'm kinda looking for some speakers for that one for our company anyway. Teehee! Segue.

Island Media Asia

Showcasing the pinoy culture through the eyes of half filipinos living in the Philippines. Immersed in a culture different from their own, but nonetheless appreciating the diversity and beauty that the nation has to offer.


Stay updated! Subscribe to their videos on YouTube.

Take away for today:

Michael McDonnell is ♥♥♥.




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