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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Move over One Direction...and hello Michael McDonnell! (Errr...HALF-TIME)

December 31, 2012

(I just so love Michael McDonnell so much that I wanna end my 2012 with a blog post about him and the rest of the boys of Island Media Asia. Teehee!)

I should've blogged about this last week. But, well...I was kinda busy "fixing" my love life.

To no avail. CHOZ!

So, I just decided to check out my crush Michael McDonnell of Island Media Asia online and then I saw this music video.

But, before proceeding to the video, lemme show you some screenshots first.

(Disclaimer: These guys are more gorgeous in person than what/how they seem in the screenshots below.)

White Christmas. More fun in the Philippines. Hmmm...well....seeing topless male models like these guys is definitely more fun for me. CHOZ! (Michael is the one standing up. Teehee! You just really gotta love him!)
Charlie Sutcliffe. Not quite a good screenshot. Lemme try again.
Ok. I give up.
You just really gotta love Daniel Marsh. And Brian Wilson (on his right).
Matt Edwards. Michael McDonnell's greatest competition for my heart. LOLZ! *feelingerz*
Oh...now I'm having second thoughts if there really is still a competition....
WAIT! Matt has a girlfriend already. Ok. Going back to Mr. McDonnell....Teehee!
Daniel Marsh or Brian Wilson?
They're kinda like...fraternal twins....
Ok. It's Brian Wilson. Ahihihihihihihi! I love you, Brian.
I can't see.
Too small! Is that a topless Michael McDonnell? Swear...I really should make a dedicated "The many cute faces of Michael McDonnell" post one time.
This is really so like a typical scene from a typical Filipino movie.
But I'm loving the view. Teehee!
Another shot of Charlie.
Handsome! (Sorry. I was more than halfway through the video when I realized that I forgot to hide the "Subscribe" button.)
I wish I was that Christmas Tree.
Wait. I'm faithful to Michael McDonnell. And, yes, Charlie has a girlfriend.
And, yes again, he really is smelling his pits in this shot. LOLZ! *I wanna try...* Just kidding!
Uhmmm....gotta be Henry Edwards? He's doing some rap in this shot and I'm telling you he's really good.
Before taking a look at this photo, please read again my disclaimer above first.
Yes...that's Michael McDonnell wearing a black tank top! I hope I'm just mistaken. But I'm guessing that's really him. Still...I love him with all my heart. CHOZ!
The guy without a name. I know his name now. Keys Cosido (I hope I got that right).
And he's hot....
Really HOT! But he has a girlfriend, too. LOLZ! So...hello again, Mr. McDonnell.
Please read again my disclaimer above.
Ok. Just please memorize my disclaimer above. LOLZ!

So...without further adieu....

Please enjoy the music video below from Michael McDonnell...errr....from the boys of HALF-TIME!


This gloriously out of tune boy band Christmas song parody is sure to put a smile on your face. Thanks for every LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE!

Half-Time are the Boy Band alter egos of Island Media Asia - a group of half Filipino models who are all about reconnecting with their roots while entertaining at the same time. Like them on Facebook and subscribe to their Youtube channel using the following links:


GRNMNGO is a Manila based marketing company that specializes in VIRAL VIDEOS. Whether you want a funny, inspirational or jaw-dropping Youtube video for yourself or your company, come to us for your viral video needs - team@grnmngo.com

Conceptualized, directed and edited by Derek Wanner (GRNMNGO)
Sound recording by Lion I

*Special thanks to B-Side for letting us shoot the rap segment in their hallways on short notice.

Island Media Asia

Showcasing the pinoy culture through the eyes of half filipinos living in the Philippines. Immersed in a culture different from their own, but nonetheless appreciating the diversity and beauty that the nation has to offer.


Stay updated! Subscribe to their videos on YouTube.

So, again...please always remember that for me....

Michael McDonnell is ♥♥♥.


Happy New Year Everyone!



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