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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting to know the talented Mr. Eri Neeman

photos from Jeng Photography (hope I got that right)

November 18, 2012

I was just Googling Eri Neeman the other day and I felt kinda disappointed that I didn't find him in Wiki or IMDB or any other related sites. Don't ask me why I was Googling him. It has something to do with my work.


Ok. Fine. I got a crush on him before. BEFORE. Back in 2005 (I think) when he joined Mossimo Bikini Summit and in 2006 when he charmed my heart in Studio 23's Summer Beach Bums search. Since then I always made sure that I'd get to watch the defunct show Wazzup! Wazzup! every night. All because of Eri Neeman. Teehee!

I even saw him in SM Makati one time (6 years ago). He was on his way to the MRT station. Such a very simple, down-to-earth, yet very funny guy. Swear. You'll really never get enough of Eri Neeman. He kinda has lotsa surprises in his pocket.

And one of which, of course, is being the "mind" behind the hit "Boy Pick-Up" phenomenon (he's called "Boy Back-Up, by the way).

The last time I saw Eri in person was back in 2008 when he hosted the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. I think I even had a photo op with him. I'll try to look for that photo probably tomorrow night.

Anyhow...here are Eri Neeman's achievements as a host, stand up comedian, writer and, of course, actor.

2011-2012: Cast, Bubble Gang, every Friday, 10:30PM on GMA 7

2011-2012: Writer, Bubble Gang on GMA 7

2011-2012: Host, Career Jam, airs Saturday, 9:00AM on Studio 23

2009-2012: Stand Up Comedian for the Comedy Cartel. Represented the Philippines for the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival 2010
2009-2012: Improv Actor for SPIT (Silly People’s Improv Theater) under Gabe Mercado

2009-2011: Host, MOG TV

2009-2010: MTV VJ

2007-2010: Radio DJ, U92 FM Radio & Wave 891

2007-2008: Co-Host, Cinema News Weekend Edition with Bianca Gonzales

2006-2012: Actor, Lobo (ABS-CBN) Shake Rattle and Roll X, My Monster Mom, Loving You (REGAL FILMS) Agaton and Mindy (Independent Film, directed by Peque Gallaga) Bubble Gang (GMA-7) Moron 5 (VIVA Films)

2006-2012: Events Host

And if you're looking for a host for any of your events, I hope this line up will convince you to have him as one of your top choices.

- Nescafe Soundskool 2010
- E-Games Domination IV at SMX
- Shock Value II Tour featuring Timbaland, Jojo and Justin Timberlake
- Frenzy “Make a Move” Street Dance Competition
- MTV Screech at the Beach
- Mossimo
- Hewlett Packard
- BPI Family Savings Bank Awards Night
- Katy Perry Concert
- Katy Perry Press Release at the Makati Shangrilla
- AVON Three Dimensions of Beauty Launch
- New Moon Premiere at Podium
- Philip Morris Boracay Bar Tours
- Bench
- Sky Cable
- Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009
- Malboro Red Rush and Red Drive Concert Tours
- Candy Fair 2008 and 2009
- Cosmo 69 Bachelor Bash 2008
- A Christmas Carol, premiere at IMAX, SM Mall of Asia
- UNO Magazine Launch Party
- Rockeoke
- MTV Campus Crashers
- Laban ni Maria fight against cancer benefit concert
- Woodrose Prom
- Egames Guild Congress 2010
- ICA Prom
- Ms. Navotas Beauty Pageant
- Ms. Trendsetter Beauty Pageant
- BPI Media Christmas Party
- Teletech Christmas Party
- DELL Christmas Party
- Living Well Launch at the Rockwell Tent
- Aloha Board Sports Longboard Surfing Competition
- Studio 23’s 10th Anniversary Concert

Below are more photos of him. Isn't he gorgeous? Teehee! He stands 5'11, by the way, and he's only turning 26 this year.

Watch the clip below to know of Eri's thoughts about the success of "Boy Pick-Up" and his being "Boy Back-Up."


That's all. Thank you.

Always a fan, Eri. Always a fan. ♥



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