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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The night Cosmopolitan Philippines disappointed me big time (Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012)

September 19, 2012

Yes. It really took me more or less 24 hours before I decided to create this blog entry. One thing that I learned from my 5 years as a blogger is to never blog when you're emotional. Think before you blog? CHOZ!

I was just really so angry, depressed and disappointed last Tuesday night. Well...if you follow me on Twitter most likely you already know that I didn't get to attend this year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

No. As in. Seriously. I didn't. Cosmopolitan Philippines and its organizers didn't allow me to enter their venue...as well as hundreds of other people (some of which are my friends, too).

I once "loved" Cosmo. As in. I really did. Go to my house. I'll show you my personal library. There's a shelf there where I keep my stacks of Cosmo magazines. Some of which were dated back in 2001, 2003, 2005, etc. I've been buying Cosmo every month since I was in high school. As in. Every month. I even have their Marc Nelson-Jon Hall-Christian Vasquez calendar. I can't remember which year I bought that one. Probably 2001 or whatever.

I even subscribed to Cosmo a couple of years ago. I just decided not to renew my subscription anymore (including my subscription to OK! and YES!) because of the some sort of "unprofessional treatment" I had received from one of their staff.


You know what...every year I also always request for Cosmo to give me tickets to this annual event. As in always. I swallow my pride every year just to ask for tickets. And every year as well they just never respond to me. They just ignore my request. And I understand that. I'm just an ordinary citizen. I'm no celebrity. I'm just one ordinary blogger. I'm not famous. My total page views is only a little over 2 million. I only get an average of 2,300-2,500 page views (or a little more) each day. So...what can Cosmo get from me anyway? Why on Earth would they give me tickets if that's the case?

So...yes...I always ended up joining their promos just to get those tickets. VinVin Jacla joining promos. Lovely. One time I bought a dozen of condoms just to have tickets for myself, my readers and my friends. Last year, I bought copies of their September ish just to get tickets as well. And this year, I also did the same. I bought their September ish just to get myself and my friend tickets to this year's show.

To no avail.

My friend and I arrived at the venue at around 7:17PM. I've been attending this annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash since 2008 and I know that they never start on time (the time in this year's invite says 7PM but actually they started at almost 9:30PM last Tuesday night). So, I wasn't worried that we were late. I knew that we weren't late. We got off our car, walked to this kinda long queue of people that were holding "Trade Marketing" tickets. And that's it. We got nothing else to do but to wait.




More than 2 hours had passed...oh, Dear Lord. Thank you. We were near the door already.

10-15 minutes had passed again. The doors were still closed. We didn't know what was happening. At that point in time I immediately remembered my Bench experience last June when they made me wait outside the venue for like more or less 4 hours. So, yeah...that last Tuesday night, around almost 9:30PM I was already getting worried. I was already hearing some noise from the inside of World Trade Center. People shouting. A host talking.

And then someone came out. "STOP ENTRY!!!"

Well...to tell you honestly...I almost cried. Haha! We were so near the door when this representative from Summit Media/Cosmopolitan announced that they're no longer letting people in, that the place was already jampacked....

It was like my whole world stopped. Swear. As in. Super.

You all know that last week was my birthday. September 12th. And that every year I also always include "Cosmo Bachelor Bash" as one of the events that I attend to during my "birthday month."

This was the very first time that something like this had ever happened to me. Swear. Telling me that they're no longer letting us in and feeling so hopeless because I couldn't do anything about it...about the situation. Unlike that Bench incident where I still managed to get in . This time...well....I didn't.

And, yes, I was just, again, so angry...disappointed...depressed....

It's like there's this one thing that you really badly want and you can almost have it but then all of a sudden some evil force took it away from you out of nowhere.

Cosmo...you really disappointed me. And...OMG....I can't believe I'm crying right now while I'm making this entry. Swear. As in. I am. Call me corny but this is the truth. The freakin' truth. I hate you. I hate you, Cosmo.

I hate you, Cosmo, for ruining my 25th birthday. This is something that can never be undone. Ever.

I hate you. :'(

People started calling their friends.
Blank faces. Stares at the oblivion. Boos. Rants. By the way, that queue behind me was still long.
Some of the "bouncers" and security guards let some girls in, even though they didn't show 'em any invites or whatever. Some were just dragged by people from the inside (perhaps people from the publication itself). While some...were left standing outside World Trade Center.
A fair number of VIPs and advertisers also didn't get to enter the venue anymore. Two of them were my friends.
My friend saw that people were already starting to head to their cars, calling taxi cabs, walking out the premises of World Trade Center.
I decided to give it another shot...but it was just really hopeless. It felt like I was in a sinking ship and there were no more lifeboats on board. I was "dying" inside.
See. I told you the queue was still quite long.

Poor VIPs. They weren't treated as what the name suggests: "Very Important."

Before 7PM I had already been "texting" some of the male models (whom I thought were already my friends) who were gonna take part in that night's show. Until now, Wednesday, I haven't gotten any response from them. Hay...that added to my disappointment as well.

My friend and I just decided to go home and call it a night. I accompanied my friend to her apartment in Manila and then I headed to Greenbelt to console my sad, grieving and depressed self.

Thank you, J.Co Doughnuts. Thank you Avocado diCaprio.

And Cosmo....what have you done to me? Why did you do this to me? To me who had been supporting you for years now. To me who had been blogging about you. To me who had been religiously buying your issues every month.

To me. To VinVin.

Why did you do this to us?

Why distribute that much tickets if you already know that your venue won't be able to accommodate that same number of invitees?

Why did you have to make us wait for more than 2 long hours? Standing there. Doing nothing.

SOMEONE HAS TO BE FIRED. That is if you still value your reputation. And if that person, whoever he/she is, also still has "delicadeza" left in his/her system...please leave Summit Media. This never happened in the past years. You've been doing this Cosmo Bachelor Bash for years now. This never happened during Zo Aguila's time.

Well...anyway...I'm not famous. I'm not one of those "famous fashion bloggers" that you guys adore. I don't have that much voice in this online community. So, I won't be surprised if you'll just take me for granted.

You had already done that to me last Tuesday night anyway. To us.

That's all. Thank you.



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Rowena Wendy Lei said...

I don't think it's that difficult to compute how many tickets to distribute given that there is a definite venue. Sorry to hear about your terrible experience. Sucks to have to wait for nothing. :/

el toro bumingo said...

Awts. They should accommodate / treat known bloggers with care :(

Who is that "gay" I see staring straight back at me...?

Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?

When will my reflection show...who I am inside?