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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The many cute faces of Sebby (Sebastian Castro and his arms) - part 3

August 12, 2012

My crush Sebby or Sebastian Castro just really never fails to amaze and amuse me. As in. Swear. Super.

"Weh...'di nga?" Teehee! I love his expression here.
He did another "cam show" again last night and this time the topic was all about his love life.
He said that he was in a some sort of relationship with this girl but she's from Australia so that kinda makes it a long distance relationship. Which , of course, is bothering him, too.
Aside from the fact that the girls' parents don't approve of their daughter having a boyfriend already (she's 19). Sarah Geronimo much? Well...when I was 19 I was also prohibited from having a boyfriend by my parents. CHOZ! For so obvious reasons. LOLZ!
Well...one reader suggested that Sebby should determine first if this was really "love" already or just some plain and simple infatuation. Agree. Me...I'm always infatuated. No wonder I'm fat. CHOZ!
Commercial...DAMN! Look at his arms. So lean. Slender. Not really my type since I like guys with "strong" biceps. I like clinging into a guy's arm while watching a movie. Teehee!
I wish Sebby will also make one for me. Please Sebby? It's my birthday on September 12 BTW.
Here are more pics of Sebby. I kinda fell asleep at around 9:30PM-ish last Saturday so I wasn't able to finish his entire show. Too bad.

I wanna pinch his cheeks. Right now. As in right now!
Perfect-looking nose. Ever. In the whole wide world.
Markki Stroem! ISDATCHU? Teehee!
This pose is so @krisaQUInoSTD-ish. Ahihihihi!
His shoulders aren't at all broad. Gosh...he's really so boyish-looking. He's like...only 14 years old! But, no...he's already turning 22. Oh...one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet, indeed.
"Weh...'di nga?"
Sebby still having a hard time contemplating about his predicament. Oh...LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

I feel jealous. He's really this in love.
I love him still. Dearly. Very dearly.
That's his breakfast according to him. Fries?!

He also sang "Stronger" that night. At the latter part of his show he sang "Chasing Cars." I just didn't get to watch that part anymore. To think that that song was one of my faves as well (by Snow Patrol). Hay....
Uhmmm...Sebby....I'm celebrating my birthday on September 12th.
May I make a request?
Ayiiiiii! I still feel so "kilig" whenever I remember that moment. Teehee!
Sebby...may you also make a YouTube music video cover for me, please? Ahihihi! *Just Pushing My Luck*
A few of my fave songs are "God Gave Me You" by Brian White and "I Could Not Ask For More" by Edwin McCain. The latter is "a very special song" for me. You guys should know why. (Assuming?! Ahihihihi!)

Ok. That's all.

I love what Sebby was wearing last night by the way. It's probably the same top that he's also wearing in his Twitter display picture. Look.

Oh...GOSH! So G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!

And, yes, I don't care about his lean arms anymore. I love his arms. I love everything about Sebby. Teehee!

Don't forget to follow Sebastian Castro on Twitter @Sebastianslife and visit his blog http://pilipinokuno.com for more updates about my crush.

I love you Sebby!!!



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