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Friday, June 8, 2012

Who is Cyril Takayama? (The "Cyber Magician")

photos and info from AXN Philippines / PR Asia Worldwide

June 8, 2012

Who is Cyril Takayama? (The "Cyber Magician")

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California and now based in Tokyo, Japan, Cyril epitomizes the 21 st entury entertainer, straddling both the East and the West and connecting with audiences globally. Fascinated with magic from his youth, he became a junior member at the illustrious Magic Castle in Hollywood, at the age of 15.

Cyril was quickly labeled the world's first "Cyber Magician" as he gained international popularity by becoming the most downloaded magician on the internet, with over 100 million views today on Youtube alone. Because of this, he is credited as being one of the leading innovators in the street magic genre.

In 2007, Cyril was recognized by his peers in the magic community at the 39th Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards, also known as the "Academy Awards of Magic." That year, Cyril was voted "Magician of the Year", putting him in the company of past winners including icons such as David Copperfield and Seigfreid and Roy.

In late 2007, Cyril embarked on a 35 city tour throughout Japan performing his live shows to sold out audiences.

In February 2009, his 15th Japanese primetime TV special aired on leading Japanese broadcaster, Fuji TV, which was among the highest rated programs of the evening. Following up on the ratings success, Fuji TV and Cyril filmed his 16th Japanese primetime TV special which aired in Spring 2011.

In November 2009, in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks Asia's AXN network, Cyril executive produced and starred in a 3 part English language television special titled "Cyril, Simply Magic", for the Asian market. It was a ratings success in the region, and won Cyril new fans throughout Southeast Asia and India.

Cyril is once again partnering with Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks Asia’s AXN as well as AXN Mystery Japan, also a Sony owned network, on a new 6 episode series called “Cyril’s Family Vacation”. A departure from the traditional street magic series that established Cyril, “Cyril’s Family Vacation” features an innovative and fun style of magical storytelling. Cyril and his family members” all have magic in their DNA and during their vacation in Oahu, Hawaii, exciting and magical moments happen in front of unsuspecting tourists and locals alike.

This latest project redefines how magic is presented on television and features Cyril’s comedic timing and character acting. “Cyril’s Family Vacation” will debut in Japan on May 26, 2012, and in the rest of Asia beginning of June 2012.



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