"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

How BENCH "disappointed" me that Sunday night (Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012)

June 3, 2012

I'm just gonna make this quick. This happened a week ago, but, it's only tonight that I thought of posting something about what really happened that night, about why and how I was kinda "pissed off." I was still very emotional a week ago, so, I reckoned that I needed to let some of my "negative" emotions vanish first before I blog about the incident.

One of my followers on Twitter tweeted me saying I won Bench's online contest. I didn't even know that I actually joined the contest. I just saw a photo of Rayver Cruz on my Facebook newsfeed and since he's kinda cute I thought of sharing his photo on my Facebook wall as well. That's all.

Anyway, upon verifying that I indeed won and that I would be getting an invite to Bench's PFW show, I immediately disregarded my initial plan of just going to Bench MOA and purchase something...blah...blah....just to get an invite. Bench never invited me to any of their events, so, I always "make an extra effort" to do whatever it takes just to see and go to their shows. For that night, I wanted to watch the Bench show just because I wanted to see Mark McMahon. Nothing more. Nothing...more. CHOZ!

I followed the instructions Bench posted on their Facebook page. I sent them an email...blah...blah....

Soon after I received a response congratulating me and telling me that I should be at the venue sometime between 5:30PM and 6:30PM, otherwise, my invite would be given away to whosoever.

Fast forward to the next day...Sunday. It was raining quite hard that Sunday afternoon. Still, I managed to make it to MOA "earlier" than what the email indicated. I arrived at SMX at around past 5PM. I asked for instructions and stuff. This lady in front of Function Room 4 (I think) told me to fall in line next to "the guy wearing a purple shirt." Seeing that the queue wasn't that long, yet, I did as I was told. I just stood there, not talking, just tweeting via my BB. I was just quiet. I'm a quiet person. I never complain in public. As in never.

After a few minutes, like at around past 5:35PM, the same lady whom I got to talk to and this other lady whom she was with (she was wearing a white top I think) approached us and made us sign some sheets (for registration purposes). I showed her my Ateneo Alumni Card for identification purposes. This lady in white also asked for my name and I told her that I was VinVin and she replied, "VinVin Jacla. Your name sounds familiar." I just smiled and told her that I was a blogger. And she chuckled a laugh.

I thought everything was ok already, until the lady in white approached me again and told me that the show I was supposed to watch was Rajo Laurel's and not Michael Cinco's. Now...I didn't know that there were 2 shows. Swear. As in. I actually had no idea about what's gonna happen in Bench's PFW Holiday 2012 show/s. In addition, she also told me that my registration was yet until 7PM. And it wasn't even 6PM at that time. Which means I would need to wait for like another hour or so. Standing. Not doing anything.

She apologized and stuff, but, geez...was there anything else for me to do, anyway? She told me to go to the other side near Function Room 5 (I think) and take note of the 3 people standing there who were also waiting for the Rajo Laurel suggestion. I just smiled and did as I was told.

I went to that location where she told me to go to and didn't actually see "those 3 people." There weren't even any Bench staff there whom I could ask for directions or instructions.

I just stood there. In front of Function Room 5. The "guards" or whoever they were couldn't even help me. There's this guard who even shoved us off, telling us not to block the "way." Deep inside I was like...."Duh? Where are we supposed to go then?" But, I'm not cheap and I don't and never wanna lose my poise and "composure" in any given situation. So, as expected, I just remained quiet.

I even saw an old college classmate, Borly. Hi, Borly! Sorry, I only got to smile at you. I was shy...and....shy. That's it. Teehee!

Believe me, people. I'm really a very shy person. CHOZ!

Ok. Anyhow...fast forward to 7PM. There's this girl wearing a colorful dress and some high heels who approached us and made us sign another registration sheet. Again, I showed her my ID and did the same thing that I just did more than an hour ago.

What surprised me though, was...after a few of us had signed up, this lady didn't even know where to actually "put" us. As in literally. Like as if there wasn't even a "process" or a "protocol" in place. Like...ok....after executing A, you need to proceed to B. And stuff like that. But there was "nothing" like that that night. Funny thing was this girl asked one of the guards "where" in that area could we actually line up and form a queue. The guard wandered his gaze for a bit and told her to "put" us on the spot near the escalators.

Thus, this picture. I was already getting bored, so, I decided to take some pictures.

The Michael Cinco show would've started by that time already.
See that queue? I dunno how these people actually got in. While more or less 50 of us were just standing there, on one side of SMX, doing nothing. It was pretty embarrassing.
Not to mention that we also didn't get to see the ANTM models. How are we supposed to buy Michael Cinco's perfume now? How am I supposed to blog about it or promote it? Well, don't ask me.
I'm not sure if this was still registration. It was taking so long already. I think this was already close to 7:45PM or so.
The lines outside were building up.
Thank goodness I saw Tessa Prieto Valdes. She kinda "entertained" us a bit with what she was wearing. She looked so vibrant in pink.
I'm not much of a fan of her but I love her "personality" and "peculiar" yet "classy" taste in fashion.
And I love her pink wig here.
Ok. I was already getting tired by this time....
Tired and bored. So, I thought of taking photos of the queues again. And then I spotted a "familiar" face.
He was texting me that night, but, I told him I wasn't inside, yet. It was just sooooooo embarrassing. SWEAR.
After a while, he told me that he and his friends were able to get inside through the "backstage." Whatever or wherever that was. Yeah, he's a model. But, he wasn't modeling for Bench that night.
Ok. That's him. CHOZ! I'm trying to stay calm here, ok? Just by reminiscing what happened to me that night kinda maddens me right now, but...I just hafta try to be calm. Again. I'm not cheap. After a while, the Michael Cinco probably ended and the audience from that Function Room where it was held were transfer to the Function Room where the the Rajo Laurel show was gonna be held. When I saw that I was like...I'm sorry?!?!?!
Almost 8:30PM or 8:40PM I think. Thank goodness! That lady wearing a colorful dress approached us. Finally! But, he was "nakasimangot." I dunno why.
She asked us to fall in line outside Function Room 4 where a number of people were also already falling in line. IN SHORT: THERE WAS NO PROCESS. There were no concrete measures as to how "we" were supposed to be handled.
That was the lady in white who got to talk to me earlier that afternoon. Even she couldn't help us. Well...she wasn't able to get us in, anyway. So, yeah, she didn't get to help us. I was beginning to lose myself...my temper....
And then all of a sudden there was this guy who allowed some people to go in. He was saying..."O...'yung mga fans ni Enchong d'yan. 'Yung mga fans lang ni Enchong, ah. O, ikaw, fan ka ba ni Enchong?" And since I wasn't an Enchong Dee fan, he didn't lemme in. What on earth was I doing in this event in the first place?! Do I even deserve this kinda treatment?!
That's him. The guy on the right. The "guards" beside him were telling us, "O, wala nang seats, ah. Wala nang seats." And that, ladies and gentlemen, got me really mad. But just deep inside. I didn't create a scene. I was just FREAKIN'LY DISAPPOINTED and MAD. I was there at SMX at a little past 5PM. It was almost 9PM, yet, I still hadn't gotten in. None of us 50 had gotten in, yet. Poor kids. Poor us.
Upon hearing that, I didn't care anymore. I just entered the venue. That quick. I had like a little over PhP 7,000 cash in my wallet at that time. If those guards would've not lemme in, I would've just paid them upfront. Swear, I'm not kidding. I was just that mad that night. I wouldn't want my precious 3+++ hours be put to waste. No. No. No.

Ok. I'm not gonna say anything anymore. That, ladies and gentlemen, and beckys was....

How BENCH "disappointed" me that Sunday night. May 27th.

That's all. Thank you. (I feel bad that I've actually been blogging about Bench for "years" now, and yet, this was what they did to me.)

Guess what...I haven't heard anything from Bench, yet. Since that night. Not even a simple "apology." I guess they don't care about me. As expected. I'm just a commoner, anyway. Anyhow, I had all my Bench stuff put inside a carton box yesterday afternoon. I might just probably give them away to whosoever. Or throw them away completely.

Thanks, Bench. And many thank to the organizers.



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Alexis Mendoza said...

its sad to hear what you have experience Vinvin. :(

Who is that "gay" I see staring straight back at me...?

Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?

When will my reflection show...who I am inside?