"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Telling Our Stories - One City at a Time.... ("FRIEND" cross country road trip)

May 17, 2012

Telling Our Stories - One City at a Time...

Elliot London is an OUT filmmaker who grew up in Chicago and made his way to Los Angeles. He knows the difficulties of acceptance within oneself and has made it his mission to create LGBT Cinema that showcases the beauty and diversity that our journey brings to our lives.

We’ve all dealt with coming out and in this age where coming out seems easier, the challenges that have impacted everyone throughout our history can still effect one’s ability to accept oneself. FRIEND is a coming out story that deals with the challenges and social issues one faces today. Brad, 16 is trying to survive high school but being a victim of bullying and the impact of social media to amplify and distort the truths (and lies) can become a child’s worst enemy.

Brad’s journey of survival takes us to dark places, ones everyone can relate to. But the ride also teaches us how to overcome these challenges, no matter how black the night seems, and understand how to value the uniqueness of yourself.

Telling entertaining and relatable narrative stories is tough and when it’s a story whose heart resonates in the LGBT community, it is even more difficult. Add to this a difficult economy and making our voice heard becomes especially hard.

We realize making this film is a challenge but we are determined to make it a reality because we understand that it is an important story for everyone to see, not just the LGBT community. We are looking to you, our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers; to help us. We are asking for your engagement through this grassroots campaign that will raise the funds and bring this
film to the big screen.

BUT because this film is being made by the people, it is necessary that we give back to the community. All profits from this film will be donated to local charities that are dedicated to
resolving the challenges and issues faced by gay youth. We understand the importance to educate at the height of social development, which is why we feel that the proceeds should go to High-School GSA’s.

It only takes a small amount from many people- $1,$5,$10 – and we will have the funding to tell this story.

To visit local communities across America, talk about this film and hold fundraisers.

People wiling to open their homes to us (2) for one night for this fundraiser while we are in your city.

Singles, Couples, and Families that would share their lives – challenges, joy, dreams – through camera interviews that showcase the slices of LGBT life.

People to help setting up the fundraisers in the city we visit.

AND EVERYONE that helps in anyway will not go unnoticed – you will be given a “thank you” credit at the end of the film.

Elliot D London


Palm Springs May 19        Lexington KY June 7
Tucson May 20                 Louisville June 8
Santa Fe May 21              Indianapolis June 20
Amarillo May 23               Saint Louis June 21
Lubbock May 24              Chicago June 22
San Antonio May 25         Rockford IL June 23
Austin May 26                  Madison June 26
Dallas May 27                  Minneapolis June 27
Shreveport May 29           Des Moines June 28
Layfette May 30               Kansas City June 29
Baton Rouge 31
Jackson June 1
Birmingham June 2
Nashville June 3
Knoxville June 4
Cincinnati June 5



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