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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Techni-Ice Your Own Way: How and where would you like to use Techni-Ice Sheets?

May 30, 2012

You might be asking...what on earth is Techni-Ice?

Well...it's basically ice. Obviously. But, not that quite. It's like dry ice packs. Tests have confirmed that only Techni-Ice stays frozen as long as dry ice. It lasts 4-7 times longer than wet ice.

It can be used anywhere, from hospitals to food and beverage establishments. It can be used from household use to the great outdoors, from sports to first aid.

Its other uses include shipping perishables such as frozen and refrigerated foods, flowers, candy, candles, cookies.

But, one specific and good use that I can think of for Techni-Ice is when it comes to shipping fish. Yup. Fish.

Like this one.

photo from Feedmix.com

I'd like to think that Techni-Ice's use is not limited to "personal" or "home" use only. It can also be used in a commercial sense.

Imagine...fishermen and local fish traders shipping "bangus" to various parts of the country in a cost-efficient and "effective" way. It will definitely help their livelihood and the fishing industry a lot.

How: Well...everytime fishermen arrive on the shores from fishing, people immediately flock them to buy fish. How will you preserve their catch? How will you transport them to "farther" destinations? Put them in a container with Techni-Ice!

Where: The name Techni-Ice might sound a little too "metro" or "advanced" but, for me, actually, the product can be used not only in the city, not only by the people who live in the city and urban areas. Take Techni-Ice to the provinces!

How about you?

How and where would you like to use Techni-Ice Sheets?

Techni-Ice is the best polymer refrigerant in the market. It is the number 1 replacement for dry and wet ice and can be used for both hot and cold applications. For more information about the product, please go to their website, www.techniice.com.ph or email us at inquiry@techniice.com.ph.



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