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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TAM Airlines loses the luggage of Costa Rican male supermodel Alexander Vega Hidalgo

photos from Facebook / Xram Ragde

May 29, 2012

This news is intended to be quite serious (and probably a little intense), so, take a look at Alex's photos above first. Contemplate. Concentrate.

Do you still remember him?

My crush Alexander Vega Hidalgo. The male supermodel from Costa Rica who traveled the world, across different continents (Asia, Europe, to name a few), worked so hard to succeed in his modeling career.

He also modeled here in the Philippines. He appeared in several magazines, TV commercials (C2 Green Tea, Boracay Rum, Whisper, to name a few) and also in the annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

And now, it's like in a blink of an eye all the fruits of his hardships are gone thanks to TAM Airlines.

Alex went to Manila last April. And then he went to Brazil before heading home to Costa Rica. Apparently, upon his arrival, he was told that his luggage got lost sometime in Hong Kong during a connecting flight. I'm not sure what his reaction was when he found out about this. I do hope it wasn't similar to Claudine Barretto's. And that there were no Mon Tulfos taking photos or videos of the incident as it happened.

Sorry, that's just me.

Every single day, Alex would make phone calls and contact TAM Airlines...to no avail. More than a month has passed, still...no luggage.

Now...that's when the media comes in. That's when I come in. CHOZ! Mumi-media lang.

That's Alex getting interviewed by the Costa Rican media.

For many of you out there, I know you know how it feels to have your precious luggage lost in transit. Somewhere in this world. You dunno where. You're unsure if you're ever gonna get it back. Thanks to the airlines, of course. In Alex's story, well, thanks to TAM Airlines.

Let's all help Alex, everyone. TAM Airlines should return Alex's luggage. If this happened to him, most probably it could also happen to most of us. Well, a similar incident happened to Kim Kardashian just recently, right? When she went to Europe with her rumored (Is it still rumored?) boyfriend Kanye West. Apparently, too, British Airways kinda lost some stuff in Kim's "precious" luggage as well. Well, Kim tweeted her disappointment about the incident as expected.

How can we help Alex?

Please share this post. And tell Alex's story to...I dunno....anyone? I hope our local media would get to read this, too. Alex, after all, did some work here.

My other crush Sebastian Castro has a suggestion, too. Let's trend #MakeTamAirlinesHelpAlex on Friday, June 1st, 6pm (Manila Time).

You can tweet this post. You can tweet about Alex's story. I just really wanna help him. He's a friend. He's a good guy. He doesn't deserve this. Travel insurance isn't enough to compensate for all the memories the stuff in his luggage has. Losing something that's valuable to you means losing all the memories and sentimental value it has. That's something that's quite hard and very difficult to overcome (as far as I'm concerned) and get over with.

TAM Airlines...please....help Alex, too. This is your responsibility.

That's all. Thank you.



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