"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bo's Coffee....Just Roasted + Free Wifi!

May 3, 2012

No, ladies and gentlemen...I didn't meet up with Bo Sanchez. And, for crying out loud, he doesn't own Bo's Coffee. Well...I once thought he did, though. Teehee!

Bo's Coffee is owned by Mr. Steve Benitez. He's the Founder and CEO.

It started in Cebu back in the 90's and in the early 2000-ish they slowly crept into the Luzon market, particularly in Metro Manila. I remember that back in college I used to pass by a Bo's Coffee concessionaire inside the MVP Leadership Building (I dunno what it's called now) in Ateneo. And that just outside our school, probably a little across Gate 3 there's this 3-storey Bo's Coffee branch. It's really that big.


I didn't get to meet the owner, though. But, I did get to meet four wonderful people: Ana Benitez, Asst. Marketing Manager; Eddy Widjaja, Logistics Manager; Jancy Seva, Quality Assurance (Luzon); and Joy Anne Reynaldo, Bo's Coffee's digital marketing executive and Chief Navigator of Magnetic North Enterprises.

Two things that I've learned about Bo's Coffee that afternoon are....all their coffee shops offer FREE WIFI (which is a big plus for me since I'm a blogger) and that they only serve "just roasted" coffee (the coffee beans, of course).
Ok. That's my name. CHOZ! They served us a slice of a very sinful, moist chocolate cake and a generous size of Biscotti Amaretto (which is a blended coffee with biscotti and Amaretto syrup topped with whipped cream, dark chocolate drizzle and crushed biscotti sprinkles).
Ok. Don't just take a look. Go to Bo's Coffee and try this out. It's very yummy. I finished this in like...an instant! I barely participated in our session. This cake made me very busy (in some other ways). CHOZ!
This blended beverage is kinda refreshing. It somewhat has a grainy feel in every sip but you'll still get to enjoy the taste of coffee in it and a bit of sweetness on the side as well.
Oh! By the way, most of their furniture and furnishings are made by the renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Now, what does that mean? EXPENSIVE. Teehee! I wish I could afford a piece of his creation someday, too.

Even the designs on the walls in their stores have a touch of "coffee beans" and, of course, anything about coffee.
See! I finished everything. Teehee! The cake. The beverage. Gone...too soon. CHOZ!
I got to take home their famous brown porcelain mug and a bag of nuts and dried fruits. My aunt enjoyed it.
If you feel like Starbucks is kinda getting crowded for you or if you just wanna try out something new...well....

Try Bo's Coffee! You'll love it there. I swear. No joke. Ever since after that meeting, I've been to Bo's Coffee in Powerbooks Greenbelt for like 4 times now. Just to read a book and have my favorite Caramel Froccino.

Thanks, Bo's Coffee!




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