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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My first Team Socceroo moment

January 18, 2012

I had the chance to watch Team Socceroo's first game this year at Turf BGC. I was with my Dutch male friend. I can't remember who their opponent was, though. CHOZ! I think they were called "Dolphins" or something.

I'm not really into football. I don't play the sport at all. But, I love watching the game. Playing is different from Watching. IMO.

And, yeah, I love watching footballers, too. Teehee!

I particularly love Team Socceroo because both Alex Pain and Luciano Stranghetti play for this team. I would definitely love to see them play on the field again. Hope they'll come back soon.

Anyhow, here are some of the photos that I took. We arrived at the venue at around past 5, so, we kinda missed more than half of the action. But, it was still ok. I mean...seeing Brazilian male models on the field...what could be more exciting than that? LOLZ!

Yes. That's Daniel Matsunaga. I would really love to see his brother Guilherme play on the field next time, too. I heard that he might come back to Manila really soon. *fingers crossed*
One of the reasons why I came to watch Team Socceroo's game last Sunday was because of this Brazilian hottie Hector Zaghi. I had a hard time spotting him on the field. And, surprisingly, I only got to notice him when he met an accident. I think someone from the opposing team hit him on the leg.
I wanted to give him a hug right there and then. CHOZ!
That's the incredibly hot Hideo Muraoka. That moment was just entirely his.
Daniel looking for the ball up in the air.
That's their opponent. I didn't find a cutie in that team, though.
Another Brazilian hottie. I really thought he was Luciano. I knew that Luciano was in Brazil, so, this guy just couldn't be him.
Hector....♥♥♥ Teehee! He's not that tall but he's really cute.
Daniel and Hector. I'd go for Hector. I don't wanna mess with Heart. Teehee!
Thanks, post, for blocking my view of Daniel.
Argh! I missed it again.
Fabio Ide. I once had a crush on him before. Probably a couple of years back or so.
Ok. It's not Luciano. This hottie's name is Juan Carlo (I think). He's cute, too. Teehee!
But the footballer that really caught my attention was this guy. He looked me in the eye when he somewhat stood next to me. And I....stared at someone else. Maria Clara much! Teehee! But, he's cute. Swear. As in. Super. I just dunno who he is.
Picture picture with the team. My digicam sucks. Or maybe it's my location. The wires suck, too. I wish they've allowed me to go inside. Oh, Hector....♥♥♥ Teehee!
WHOA! Steven Silva is part of the team! Not sure if you know him. But, he's a chinito cutie.
This was something that really hit me. Daniel Matsunaga. Very friendly to his fans. Especially to the kids! As in. Swear. Genuine friendliness. He's just so down to earth. I didn't know that he was like that in person. His gesture really touched me.

I think they'll be having a game again this coming Sunday at Turf BGC, 6PM, against Manila All-Japan FC.

Go and support Team Socceroo!

We are Team Socceroo! A football club based in the Philippines. Senior Team (Men's Division) and Youth Development (Grassroots level)




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