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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remembering Tyron Perez

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December 29, 2011

Ok. For those of you who are asking who Tyron Perez is...well....here you go.

He actually has a very humbling story. I first saw him on GMA 7's Starstruck (Batch 1) when I was a college freshman. He, along with Dion Ignacio and Rainier Castillo, were kinda my crushes back then.

Tyron Perez
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Tyron Perez (September 14, 1985 - December 29, 2011) was a model, actor and TV host and an alumnus of the reality based talent search StarStruck. He become famous after joining StarStruck in 2003 and started the leading role as Dwight in the 2006 movie Twilight Dancers.

Early life

Jojo Perez was born in Brgy. Alfonso, Concepcion, Tarlac. Tyron grew up a farmer's son in his hometown. with the rice fields as his playground. He's the youngest among six children.

"He and his father would rise with the sun," said Tyron who quit his Fine Arts studies (freshman at the Bulacan State University) when he joined the GMA star-search StarStruck (first batch, with Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado). "There, on top of the carabao, he dreams to be in showbiz. He imagine himself acting with Kris Aquino,his crush and idol. Until he was in high school (at the Benigno Aquino National High School), he and his dad would milk their carabaos early mornings and sell the milk. Sometimes, they would sleep in the middle of the rice fields when we had to water the seedlings (nagpapatubig ng palay)." Before joining Starstruck, Tyron first became a member of a late-night variety show of Kuya Germs' Master Showman Presents' Walang Tulugan. As part of the said late-night show, he was a member of a teen group performing weekly called "MSP Teenstars."

Starstruck Batch 1

Tyron joined Starstruck in 2003 but eliminated in week 6 of the elimination, December 12, 2003. But even though he was eliminated He dreamed. He believed. And he survived the StarStruck challenge, finishing among the finalists and thus taking his first step toward his dream of stardom.

He started to work out and to be slim because he supposed to be a beginner macho dancer, bagito and started the lead role in 2006 film Twilight Dancers as Dwight. he used to weigh 170 lbs. and to lost several pounds also had to slim down for the Bench show (at the Araneta Coliseum June 2006)."

Personal life

Tyron used to play basketball. But his favorite sport is arnis de mano which he studied for two years with an expert. His favorite food are sinigang na baboy, tuyo and dilis and he is used to eating more vegetables and lots of fruits.

"Besides being an actor," said Tyron, 22, "I'm also fond of painting scenery, that's why I decided to take up Fine Arts."

Tyron stands 5'11", weighs 155 lbs., has a 33-inch waistline, and wears small-size underwear/shirt and size-11 shoes.

After his manager's death (Douglas Quijano) Tyrone admits that his career dwindled and he did not have work for 6 months. On June 2010, Jerry Sineneng led his entry into ABS-CBN and after talks with Malou Santos and Johnny Manahan, Tyrone has formally signed up with the network's talent management arm - Star Magic. This officially made him a KAPAMILYA.[1][2] He considers his role Being Gary as one of the biggest he has handled so far. He also considers Momay as his biggest break in television as part of the Main cast after Bakekang recently aired on GMA Network. He married his long time girlfriend. According to the tweet of Mark Salazar @MarkSalazarGMA7: Young actor Tyrone Perez committed suicide." on December 29, 2011. He's dead. Please pray for his family and friends.

On December 29, 2011, Tyron Perez died due to committed suicide in a car accident in Valenzuela. He is the second Starstruck member who died in the month of December after Marky Cielo.

May you find eternal peace, Tyron Perez.



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