"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That night of the Penshoppe Fashion Show with Mario Maurer (Philippine Fashion Week S/S12)

November 2, 2011

Last Saturday was probably one of my life's most memorable moments. CHOZ! Drama much?

It's the Penshoppe Fashion Show!

My experience last May was not really that good. No, that's an understatement. It was excruciating, exhausting. Yeah, that's it.

But, sadly, this month's show wasn't any difference. I think it even kinda worsened. I dunno. And I don't wanna rant about that anymore. What's done is done. I can no longer explain to my friends why they weren't able to get in, despite the fact that they'd been standing tirelessly for more than 2 or 3 hours that night waiting outside of SMX's Hall 2.

Anyhow, I arrived in MOA at around 3PM-ish. I was scheduled to watch the Ipanema show that afternoon as well at around 5:30PM. The Penshoppe show was at around 7:30PM, so, I thought, everything would be just fine. I visited the newly renovated Penshoppe store first to kill some time and...WOW! It's so bright! CHOZ! The new logo was already displayed and I loved it. Swear. As in. Super.
I also saw the jacket that Mario wore during his first Philippine media appearance. Click here if you no longer recall it. I wanted to buy one, but....almost everyone in town has one. I wanna be different. CHOZ!
After a few hours of roaming around and stuff, I headed straight to SMX for the Ipanema show. I even saw my other male model crush along the way, Alvin De Joya. I also made an eye-to-eye contact with this one Caucasian male model on my way to the CR. CHOZ! I needed to do some retouching, so, I decided to do it at the male CR (of course). And, then...GOSH! There were lotsa male models inside! LOLZ! Boylets galore! But, I just remained at my best behavior. I'm VinVin Jacla and I have breeding. Teehee!

The Ipanema show went really well. I saw Heydar. Teehee! Now...the Penshoppe show....
Yes. You're right. That's the queue of the people lining up outside SMX's Hall 2. OMG! Comparing that to last May's...I think this one was way worse. As in.
Oh my gosh....I feel for them. I know how it feels....
Even the queue at the VIP/Media area was ecstatic. People kept bumping onto me and I just couldn't complain. I had no choice but to squish myself into this sea of people.
I dunno how else to explain it. It was just...very....surreal. Mario Maurer...you are this HUUUUUUUGE in the Philippines!
At the VIP/Media queue, I saw this cute male intern of Ms. Joyce. His name is Q. Teehee! Just try to guess who he is. There's Jake Galvez...Matt Gozun...and....CHOZ!

And now...for the Penshoppe show....

Fast forward to Mario Maurer!
Again, I'll post more photos of this event next time. I'm just having problems with my internet connection as of the moment.
Oh! Oh! Mario! He was just really all smiles while he was on the runway. Congratulations Penshoppe and Mario Maurer! Good tandem! No...it's the best ever!
Ok, to end....
Can you guess where I'm seated? Teehee! Thanks Mikki for the seat. And, of course, thanks a big bunch also to Ms. Joyce and Ms. Jad. (^_^)
Thanks, Kerwin Pua, for these photos.

I will really post more photos next time. I promise.

I even had some "kilig" moments with Tom Mott, Tylor Perry and Markki Stroem. Teehee! (Click here)

Congratulations Penshoppe and Mario Maurer!

Thank you again Penshoppe, Ms. Joyce, Ms. Jad and Mario. (^_^)

Click here for more of my Mario Maurer moments.




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