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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sony LifeStyle TV Magazine is back on AXN

November 13, 2011

Before anything else, may I just say that I love TV host and personality Oli Pettigrew? As in. Swear. Super. Those who are interested in this kind of television career may be interested in journalism and media courses from online universities.

Ok. I said it already.

Sony LifeStyle TV Magazine is back on AXN

Every Tuesday at 8.35PM, sexy technophile Oli Pettigrew is back on AXN’s Sony LifeStyle TV Magazine (Sony Style)! Last season, viewers saw Oli traverse the globe to unearth the latest lifestyle trends and happenings. This season brings you more exclusive previews of the snazziest Sony gadgets and there’s a new segment - a 30-second tech nugget that gives more geek tidbits on the featured product of the week.

To spice things up, the show will now feature three (3) local co-hosts from the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia chosen from online applications submitted on AXN’s official website www.axn-asia.com. That’s not all, for fans will be able to celebrate the 100th milestone episode this season with Sony LifeStyle, as they say, in style. A special group of fans will be picked to get up close and personal with Oli at a cozy birthday gathering; while others will be able to send in their well wishes and get them aired on the show (I want! I want! I want! -VinVin).

From electronics and extreme sports to venturing into areas unknown, Oli is gung-ho enough to try them all! Narihiko Uemura, Managing Director of Sony Electronic Asia Pacific & Sony Electronics (Singapore), “Entering its brand new fifth season, Sony Style will take you through Sony’s world of entertainment, with the many new and dazzling networked products, content and services, as well as innovative, future-focused technologies. Keep tuning in and watch with excitement what we have lined up just for you!”

Whether you are a tech aficionado, sports fan or avid traveller, Sony Style coming to AXN this Tuesday nights has something for everybody.

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