"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Monday, November 28, 2011

REPOST: "Kiss Mark!" (Nivea Philippines' new face for Lip Care Cosmo Online Hunk Mark Alejandro)

photos and info from Nivea Philippines

November 28, 2011

"Kiss Mark" ends on the 30th, so, don't miss this chance to "kiss" the hottie Mark Alejandro.

Click here for my Mark Alejandro experience.


If I were a girl, I'd bring out my most competitive self just to win a date with Mark Alejandro! So, ladies...you're so blessed! What are you waiting for? Teehee! Click here to "KISS MARK!"

From Nivea Philippines:

As promised, another surprise for all of you NIVEA ladies: you are all invited to a chance to win a Date with the November 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk. Check out NIVEA Lip Care's Kiss Mark (the hunk's name by the way) game and kiss your way to a special evening. Start kissing, ladies! But don't forget your NIVEA Lip Care products, 'cos it's the most complete lip care range for every kissing and non-kissing occasion!

Have you met the November 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk yet ladies? Well he is here and you can kiss him to your delight. But don't forget to use the right NIVEA Lip Care to nab him. It will provide you with different benefits for different occasions. Play our game and see for yourself. And you can maybe, just maybe go out on a date with him!

Did you know that the November 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk is from Norway and likes karaoke and sinigang? Well, if you played to win “Kiss Mark” there would be more you could learn about him. Make sure you use the right NIVEA Lip Care for the occasion, though. There's one for your every need. See how when you play the game.

The Cosmo Online hunk is quite the film buff. And buff as well. He could be your date soon and all it takes are the right kisses (using the right NIVEA Lip Care for the situation, of course. Plus you can use your NIVEA Lip Care purchases to give you that extra power!). See how you can do it by playing “Kiss Mark” and make that happy ever after happen.

Went out last night? Was it a hot date? Hope you brought your NIVEA Lip Care with you. To know how to use NIVEA Lip Care best we have a hot kissing subject lined-up for you; Mark Alejandro – the November 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk. He is a bit shy he says but you could help bring him out of his shell. He is just a kiss away. Play “Kiss Mark” and see.

Below is the complete list of NIVEA's Lip Care range. Which one do you think suits you best? For me, I prefer....

This one! I wanna have Angelina Jolie-like lips. CHOZ! 

So, ladies...go ahead! Play the game. Try out Nivea's Lip Care products! And "KISS MARK!" Don't mind me. I won't get jelly. LOLZ!

Oh, Mark....

I wonder if there's gonna be a "becky" version for this? I wanna win a date with Mark Alejandro, too. Teehee!




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