"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A night with Mark Alejandro and NIVEA Lip Care ("Kiss Mark!")

November 13, 2011

Before anything else...have you already "Kissed Mark?" If you haven't yet, visit Nivea Philippines on Facebook or click here.

Now...about my night with Mark Alejandro....

Cosmo's Online Hunk for November!

Teehee! Nah. I wasn't able to spend the entire night with him. CHOZ! But, I did get to meet him. In person. For the very first time. And he's....

He's so mega super duper HOT! That's actually an understatement (IMO). He's beyond...HOT!!!


I like him because he's taller than me. As far as I'm concerned, that's really a big plus. An important factor. LOLZ! As if that even matters to Mark, anyway. Ahihihi!

Ok...lemme tell you now what else happened that night....

I brought my friend and officemate, Bella (again), with me last Wednesday night to Nivea's Kiss Mark event at 7th High in Bonifacio High Street. It was supposed to be a some sort of intimate party, but, we were both in our office attires. No time to change! Sorry!

Look at Bella. I think she's enjoying each Nivea Lip Care product. I mentioned before that I particularly liked the Natural Volume. Go try it, too. You just gotta love to have those Angelina Jolie lips, I'm telling you.
One of Nivea's brand exectives, Jon, explaining to Bella each and every Lip Care product.
There was this Lip Care product for men, but, I concentrated on getting more of the Fruity Shine Pink Guava and Soft Rose. I didn't mind the one for men. I'm just so gay! Teehee!
Bella trying out the Natural Volume. Hmmmm....no comment. LOLZ! But, no, look...her lips became quite fuller. Don't you think? I tried it on mine, too, but, I'm so not posting a blow-up photo of myself or my lips here on my blog. No way. LOLZ!
Bella, myself and the lovely host of the night, my college batch mate and a good and bubbly friend Ms. L.A. Ferriols...dela Cruz? CHOZ!!! I love you, L.A. Teehee! And, I must say...I love my boobs, too. LOLZ!

Time to meet the hunk....

Mark Alejandro!!!
Sorry, I just used my BB in taking these photos. There are much clearer photos below that I took using my digicam. Don't worry. But, look, despite the blurriness and dimness of the photos, Mark's extreme hotness or gorgeousness is still very visible! IMO.
See that? Oh, gosh...who can resist that charm. Who? Who? Who? Tell me! Teehee! I feel my heart beating so fast right now. Ahihi! I love his shoes, BTW.
Let the dating game begin! Lucky girls. Bloggers Martha and Bec and...Bella! The moment Bec's name was called, I told Bella that her name was gonna be called next. I just predicted it. And, lo and behold, her name was called. To her surprise! LOLZ!
Bella's answers to some of Mark's questions were really...uhmmmph!!! She surprised me there. Swear. CHOZ!
But, the luckiest girl that night was Martha. Awww...I wonder why I even had the strength to take this photo. CHOZ! Jealousy much! I hope there's gonna be a "becky" edition of this dating game, too, soon. Still the same guy. Mark. Teehee! I'm gonna make sure that I'm gonna win that one. CHOZ!
After their date, Mark mingled with us and had some photo op. Guess where he sat next to...Teehee! ME!!! I still maintained my composure, though. My poise and stuff. And my Cabas Longchamp bag. LOLZ! I needed to cover my tummy. Again, I must say...I love my boobs. CHOZ!!!

One funny and surprising thing that happened during that moment was...Mark actually knew me! He asked me if I was also a blogger (maybe I didn't look like one since I was kinda the "worst dressed blogger" awardee that night) and I said yes and then he asked me if I had a business card, so, I gave him one (I wonder again, though, why he hadn't sent me even a single SMS or email, yet. LOLZ! ASA MUCH!). You, see, my business card's design is similar to that of my blog, so, all of sudden, Mark was like..."VinVin! I know you. The Gay Life of VinVin. Yeah. You wrote something about Cosmo." His voice was just so sexy. So deep. So...oh, gosh. And I was like....(O___O) LOLZ! Love struck much?
And that started our conversation. We talked about the other male models that I know, too, like Tylor, Reign, Luciano and he said that, actually, he would be meeting up with them that night, too, after the event. In my mind I was like...may I come with you? LOLZ! But, of course, I didn't tell him that. Teehee! Poise! Remember?
Thanks, Mikki, for inviting me. Again...my bad. I posed for a photo with Mikki who kinda almost looked like a doll here. I should've been better prepared that night. I just don't learn my lesson. CHOZ!
The lovely Ms. Jad of PR Asia Worldwide. Again...my bad! Posing for a photo with a beauty like her. I just committed suicide there. LOLZ! Thanks, Ms. Jad! Looking lovely as ever. See you again soon!

Ahihi! Anyhow, below is my favorite photo of me with Mark. It's my BB's current wallpaper. Love struck much again? LOLZ! You just gotta love his smile. (^_^)

Thank you, Mark Alejandro! I just do hope that that night won't be the last time I'd ever see him. I so wanna see Mark again. Teehee!

And, of course, thank you, Nivea Philippines!

So, girls....now that you've seen how GORGEOUS Mark Alejandro really is, why not try to give him a kiss?





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