"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh! Oh! Mario Maurer at BonChon! (Surreal!)

October 27, 2011

Well...yeah....believe it or not I'm still in a state of surrealism right now.

I can't believe I just saw Mario Maurer in person last night! Up close and personal! CHOZ!

Ok, I won't have such a long introduction anymore. Here's what happened.

I got out of the office at around 3PM. Luckily, there was a queue of cabs outside the lobby of our office building, so, I was able to get one quickly.

The travel time from Makati to Tomas Morato took a little less than an hour. I guess traffic in Metro Manila is just beyond "surreal" as well.

But, anyhow, lo and behold, I was still able to make it on time. Well, to be honest, I didn't wanna go to this event at first because I wasn't sure if I was really invited. Good thing Ms. Joyce gave me her confirmation that Wednesday morning itself, so...go!

I was seeing lots of BonChon logos everywhere. Oh! Oh! BonChon!
It was an order-all-you-can day, but, I only ordered my fave Bulgogi Rice, some fries and a large glass of iced tea. Mr. Scott was there a few seats away from me, memorizing his lines for the big event a few hours later on, so, I didn't wanna make him seem like I was being a pig or something. CHOZ! Conscious much.
Too bad I wasn't able to get any BonChon shirt. Hay....

Anyhow, thanks a big bunch to their very kind and friendly Ops Manager. OMG! I think I forgot his name...hmmm....Mr. Anthony? Shux. But, thank you!
People waiting for their orders.....same with me.
Ok. They're also waiting for their orders. CHOZ! And, yeah, for Mario Maurer, too.
That's around 5PM already, I think. People started pouring in.
Finally! My fries have arrived. 
And so did my Bulgogi Rice. Hmmm...I feel like having one again! SHUX! No...I'm not a pig. Oh, please, no. CHOZ! And then...the BLUSH girls arrived (photo below). I really have no idea who they are. Sorry. I guess I'm just not getting any younger.
Ms. Jad made me transfer to another table (that's why I was able to take a photo of the girls) because the main visitors were about to arrive. Awww...I really thought I'd get to sit beside Ms. Joyce. Remember this? But, anyhow, that's fine. 
And now...the moment we've been all waiting for. Mario Maurer had arrived!!! It was signaled by lots of loud cheering and shrieking and shouting and stuff of the fans outside. Being a fan myself, I went outside to see him and take pictures of him as well. Teehee!
Oh, swear...believe me...he's very very very GWAPO! GAWD!
I'm gettin' closer...he's gonna take off his shades soon.
There! Thank goodness I'm one tall beauty queen. Teehee!
OHMIGASH! OHMIGASH! OHMIGASH! I didn't zoom my BB when I took that photo. As in. Swear. So, just imagine....
I was just really that close to Mario Maurer!!!
And, yeah, I did get to hear his voice as well. And it was...uhmmmmph! It's really like that! You know what I mean. "Nam...Nam...." CHOZ!
Ms. Joyce looking good in a little black dress. And I love her hair, ha. It's so "full of life." Quoting Pantene.
Ok. After some interviews and photo ops and stuff, Mario went inside already. And, he had a photo taken with the Blush girls. Awww...wish I would have had a photo taken with him as well....
Preparing to eat.
And just an observation. The upper part of his shirt was kinda unbuttoned. Just 2 buttons, anyway.
This is just a stolen shot. This is probably my only clear photo of Mario eating. A few seconds later, his bodyguards told us to stop taking photos of him while he's eating. Well, of course, he needed some privacy, too. But, I guess I could argue that I was taking photos of Mr. Scott, instead. CHOZ!

Who do you think is "more gwapo?" Teehee!
Ok. There was someone taking a photo of him eating. Right in front of him. LOLZ!
Time for Mario to go.... ='( He stayed there for only a little less than an hour.
Ms. Andrea approached me after their dinner with Mario and asked me why I didn't come to their table. And I was like..."Uhmmm...I felt shy, eh." CHOZ!

She asked me if I wanted to have a photo taken with him. Well, of course, I said yes. But, the security was really kinda tight. I hope tomorrow I'll be able to have a photo taken with him already. Oh, please, Dear Lord. Please. Please. Please.
Ok. By this time, Mario had left the premises already. And it was really kinda scary! A lot of his fans came running down a moving escalator just to go after him. I was so afraid for those kids. What if something bad would happen to them? Oh, kids, don't do that again, please?

Enough being a mom, VinVin. Here's a photo of Mr. Scott. Teehee! Segue.
So, who do you think is "more gwapo" now?
Ay...I wish I had a photo taken with him, too. CHOZ! I think these were the winners of Ms. Joyce's BonChon contest.
And that is me with Ms. Andrea! She just worked so hard that night. As in. Swear. But, as you can see, she's still looking as bubbly as ever. And she looks so happy, too. Teehee!


Thank you BonChon Chicken Philippines, Ms. Joyce, Ms. Andrea, Mr. Anthony, Mr. Scott, Ms. Jad and, of course, Mario Maurer! (^_^)

See you guys tomorrow at the fan con!

Voted Best Chicken in America!!!


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elmer0224 said...

Waaaahhhh... kainggit! Buti ka pa nakita mo s'ya in person. I'm happy for you!

VinVin said...

Thanks =)

Who is that "gay" I see staring straight back at me...?

Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?

When will my reflection show...who I am inside?