"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

VinVin with supermodel Heydar Hosseini (Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011)

September 17, 2011

Almost two days have already passed, but, I guess you can tell that I'm still the happiest "beki" in the world right now. Teehee!

Pictures say a thousand words. And that photo above doesn't even need any explanation. It doesn't require me to expound any further how that moment made me extremely happy. How Heydar completed my "birthday month." Or my birthday in particular.

Yes, just in case you didn't notice that's Heydar Hosseini. Oh...Heydar...my Heydar....CHOZ!!!

And I know...I looked like a soccer mom there. LOLZ! I didn't care if my face was oily. Or if my body fats were not cooperating that night. I just needed to have a photo with Heydar!

I BBM'd him at around 11PM or so and told him if I could have a photo taken with him. He didn't get to respond, though (which I kinda understood in a way since the place was going a little crazy after the show proper). After my friend, Jo, who was with me that night, had her bathroom break, we went inside the venue again to check on the other guys and to, probably, spot Heydar and Jay Gonzaga. Sadly, though, I wasn't able to have a photo taken with Jay. But, that's another story.

After a few moments, I kinda noticed this tall guy who looked like a supermodel (CHOZ! BIASED!) standing next to this Guess booth. He had a small bag on his back and he was wearing a grayish teal shirt. I looked at his hairstyle and I was like...I remember that hairstyle. There's only one guy in the world who style his hair just like that. If Edward Cullen has his own famous hairdo, well, so does this Pinoy-Persian Edward Cullen of "mine." CHOZ! I really get chills whenever I type or say the word "my" or "mine." I'm just so a "feelingera." Swear. As in. Super.

Anyway, without even batting an eyelash, I immediately grabbed Jo and told her that..."HEY! THAT'S HEYDAR!" And then I showed her my BB's wallpaper which was a topless photo of Heydar. Teehee!

During that time, he was still talking with some girls and stuff. I kinda felt jealous, but, I still kept my composure. LOLZ! After they were done, I raised my right point finger and touched his skin...err....shirt. Teehee!

"Hi, can we take a photo?"

He didn't respond, instead, he just positioned himself beside me and posed. Jo readied herself as planned.

"Hi, I'm VinVin."

"Ok. Hi."

*CLICK!* Though, my digicam actually doesn't have a clicking sound. I just added that up to have some drama in this post. LOLZ!

"Thank you."

And then he went off. LOLZ!!!

It was just that quick! And I was like....???

I looked at Jo with an estranged blank expression and blurted out..."I think he didn't recognize me...."

I knew it! I should've "retouched" first before I even decided to pose for a photo with a supermodel like Heydar Hosseini. Haist! LOLZ!

I thought I could hang out with him a bit more. Or even get to talk to him about his university life or about his brother, Reza. Oh, well....I just hope, though, that there'll still be a next time. Right? Please pray for me. Teehee!

Anyhow, as he was roaming around, I kinda still took a couple more photos of him. Here.

He kinda looked like a lost kid. A 6'2" tall kid. Teehee!

And then...just like a "Twilight" vampire....he just suddenly vanished.

I think he's really my Edward Cullen. I swear.

Next time I see him, I'll introduce myself as....

"Hi...I'm....BELAT." LOLZ!

But, you know what...even though that moment only lasted for like less than a minute...it still made me so "kilig" to the bones (CHOZ!) and extremely happy. I've seen Heydar a number of times already, but, it was only that particular moment that I was able to exude that much courage or even self-confidence to really approach him and talk to him and pose for a photo with him.

That simple moment made me really happy. I told you I'm just a simple person. Simple things make me happy. CHOZ!

Hay...so surreal. Heydar made me happy that night. Until now...he still does. Ahihihi!

Though, of course, I've learned my lesson already. "From the past." He's a supermodel. He has a career. He's still young. And, yes, he's straight. I don't need to expound on that any further. Those points equate to one single realization: there are limits.

I'm happy that we're friends, though. That he talks to me and stuff from time to time. That'good enough for now.

OH! SHUX! I really kinda looked like a soccer mom in that photo. LOLZ!


GO! GO! GO! ;) (That's his favorite expression.)

Heydar makes me happy.

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