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Monday, September 19, 2011

Not so good experience in Tokyo Cafe SM Megamall

September 19, 2011

But, it's nothing really big. Swear. It's quite minor, but, still, a little disappointing. And it has something to do with the service.

It was just so slow. CHOZ! Looking at that photo above...I guess....we should've gone to The French Baker instead.

I met up last Friday night with my friend Jaja at SM Megamall. She brought her office mate with her, too. We were gonna catch the premiere of Glee The 3D Concert Movie that night, so, we decided to go grab something to eat or drink first.

Anyway, I told Jaja that we should just order something quite light and easy or quick to prepare since the movie we're gonna catch was like only 45 minutes away. I ordered Iced Royal Milk Tea (Php 71) for take out. Jaja and her friend had Tiramisu (Php 145) and Milk Oreo milkshake (Php 128). I kinda forgot the other one that Jaja ordered if it was Sumibiyaki (Php 89) or Tokyo Blend (Php 89). But, nonetheless, they're both coffee (specialty blend).

My milk tea arrived first (thank goodness), then, came Jaja's tiramisu a few minutes later. The tiramisu wasn't that good, though. I'm sorry. The milkshake and coffee arrived really late. We already got to pay our bill, yet, those two orders still hadn't make it to our table. LOLZ! We didn't know what or how to react. Imagine...we asked for our bill and then half a minute later it was there already. Whereas with our orders, it kinda like took them almost half an hour before we even got to receive them. Oh, well.

So, we asked them that we're just gonna have the milkshake and the coffee for take out instead.

That's my milk tea, by the way. And...I'm so sorry again. Chowking's milk tea kinda tastes even better. OMG. Surprisingly, right? I dunno what else to say.

There's also this huge mural on the wall that kinda exudes an Italian or French ambiance or feel. We all kinda found that a little weird since the cafe is called Tokyo Cafe, so, what's that Italian or French mural doing there? And it's so huge! CHOZ!

That's all. Thank you.



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Anonymous said...

Hello Vinvin I've dined at Tokyo Cafe before at SM North, I think the service there is much better.

VinVin said...

will try. thank you =)

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