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Friday, September 23, 2011

My much-awaited Pepper Lunch experience

September 23, 2011

I'm calling it my "much-awaited" Pepper Lunch experience because I seldom get the chance to really dine in Pepper Lunch. Whenever I "try" or "attempt" to visit Pepper Lunch in Greenbelt 5, there's always this long queue of people outside waiting for their turn to get a seat. I easily get discouraged by such a sight. So, oftentimes, I would just end up checking out other restos instead.

But last Tuesday afternoon was different. I was able to experience Pepper Lunch again! CHOZ! (Click here for my other Pepper Lunch moments.)

I just love Pepper Lunch. Swear. I love the idea of me cooking my own food. Well, of course, the food is already kinda cooked when it's served to you. But, of course again, you still get to somewhat cook it yourself when you already mix the rice with the meat and the veggies...and then pour in some sauce...and some more pepper....GOSH! I want some Pepper Lunch again! Teehee!

Their display menus were really very enticing and colorful. Looking at them again right now makes me wanna pay Pepper Lunch a visit again. Tomorrow perhaps? We'll see....

I ordered Chicken Teriyaki with egg and I also availed of their bonus meal which was a drink of my choice plus a side dish of my choice again. I had a Nestea Iced Tea and a Kuromitsu Caramel Ice Cream. Instead of paying almost Php 100 for both, I only paid Php 60 instead! Well...that's why it's called a "bonus." Right?

It was already almost 5PM when I visited Pepper Lunch in Greenbelt 5. Surprisingly, there weren't that much people inside. Well...when I came in, there were only 2 customers occupying one table in one side of the resto. So, that kinda made me the second customer (technically).

See...even a couple of their staff were resting. Teehee! Everyone deserves a break, anyway.

That's my order! Lovely, isn't? The yellowish part surrounding the Pepper Rice is the egg. I had so much fun cooking the egg! I love eggs....no pun intended.

Yeah. I was alone. I had a date with just myself that afternoon. So...if you're a tall, hot, hunky male model (CHOZ!)...well....I'm single (CHOZ AGAIN!).


And that's my Kuromitsu. Swear...it's so creamy and it's also so oozing with caramel. See that? I think it's very obvious. I was supposed to visit Gelatissimo (just next to Pepper Lunch) afterwards but this Kuromitsu already satisfied my craving for ice cream that day.

You make me wanna...wanna....HAY NAKU! LOLZ!

Here's the menu of Pepper Lunch in case you're planning of visiting any of their branches in Rockwell (under construction, I think), Shangri-La Plaza, ATC, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Ermita. Megamall and MOA.

THE STAR DEALS ARE BACK, TOO! Try their Chicken Teriyaki...take it from me. It's really good. Teehee!

Indeed...it was worth the wait. Thank you, Pepper Lunch! See you again really soon!

Pepper Lunch (ペッパーランチ Peppaa-ranchi) is a "fast-steak" restaurant concept that originated in Japan in 1994.

1) Power Plant, Rockwell Center
2) Shangri-La Plaza Mall
3) Alabang Town Center
4) Greenbelt 5
5) Robinsons Ermita
6) SM Mega Mall
7) SM Mall of Asia

Pepper Lunch delivery services: call city delivery at 87878 or visit city delivery website to order online http://www.citydelivery.ph/browse/pepper-lunch

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elmerlovesoreo said...

Mukhang maanghang yan ah!

Scenting Asia said...

Great having you back! Thank you for your lovely post and so many pictures! You rock :-)

Pepper Lunch Philippines

VinVin said...

It's not that spicy naman. I loved it =) try it too!

VinVin said...

Oh Scenting Asia =) I'll be coming back for more =)

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Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?

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