"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Kenzo Ortiz in person (spell AWKWARD)

September 26, 2011

When I say it's awkward...it's really really really awkward.

September 15th, night of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. I was waiting for my friend Jo in Greenbelt that afternoon and I got nothing much to do. I already had an early dinner at Max's Restaurant. I got to visit the chapel already. I flipped through the pages of some books and magazines in Powerbooks as well.

So...I just decided to go to Glorietta and do some, perhaps, window-shopping.

I passed by the walkway connecting Greenbelt to Landmark, feeling a little blank and bored. I entered Landmark and exited on the other side of it going to Glorietta. I kinda thought of ordering some froyo at Kenny Rogers when I got there. I already had a some sort of plan in mind.

When I reached Glorietta, I kinda saw this cutie chinito mestizo guy wearing a tight-fitting yellow shirt and a pair of jogging pants. There was also a gym bag slinging on his shoulder. He was also talking to someone on his iPhone. It took me a few seconds to process in my mind who that guy was. And, then...in an instant...I was like....


I didn't know what to do. I still continued walking but at the back of my mind I was like...I needed to say "hi" to him at least. As in I had to.

I turned around and saw him having his bag checked by the security. I just walked slowly because I still kinda didn't know what to tell him aside from "hi" or "KENZO!!!" LOLZ! The second one would've been really awkward. There were lots of people in that area during that time.

The guard kinda checked Kenzo's bag really thoroughly, as in he made him show what's inside this and that. It kinda took him almost half a minute there. And that's to my advantage, too, because I got to stand right next to him. But...still...silly me....I still didn't say "hi" to him despite the fact that was already only a couple of feet away from me!

I was just so...being....shy. Teehee!

After a while, when the guard was done checking Kenzo's gym bag, Kenzo immediately walked past me as swiftly as he could. He was still on the phone, talking to someone.

He just walked so fast. Swear. Or maybe I was just slow? I dunno. But, I kinda had a hard time keeping up to his speed. In short....

I lost him. LOOK.

He was already that distant (in yellow). And, yes, I was taking pictures of him while walking. LOLZ!
See...I guess I was just really that slow. Look at how far he was from me. I already knew that I would really not get the chance to say "hi" to him anymore. My friend, Jec, also happened to be passing by that same walkway during that time, so, I kinda had to talk to her, too. I don't ignore my friends. Never. But, the price of that was...yes....me, missing Kenzo. I didn't get to see him anymore. Sad....


There's a twist. LOLZ!

Remember...I mentioned earlier that I wanted some froyo? Since I didn't get to pass by Kenny Rogers anymore, and since I was already in Greenbelt during that time, I decided to just have froyo at Red Mango instead.

Though, I didn't know what really got into me that time that instead of going straight to Greenbelt 3 right away, where Red Mango was, I decided to pass by Greenbelt 5 first, then at Greenbelt 1. Swear. I didn't know. I guess it was my guardian angel who "guided" me that afternoon....


Ok. That's quite a very "zoomed in" photo. Wait.
Ok. That's blurry. Wait.

Oh, Kenzo....

Swear...I was just so surprised to have seen him walking in Greenbelt 1. Instantly, I told myself that I wouldn't miss saying "hi" to him anymore. So, I kinda ran after him. But, this time...I walked past him. LOLZ! Based on his bodily movements (NAKS!) he was kinda headed to the exit, so, I immediately walked to the exit as well and waited for him there for like 10-15 seconds. After a while, he was there already and I was like....


He looked so surprise. And I was just so in my FAMAS Best Actress acting during that time. LOLZ!

And then...he recognized me. AWWWW....

That's probably one of my life's happiest moments. As in. Swear. Super. It was. He shook my hand and we chatted for like a couple of minutes. He even thanked me for all my posts about him on my blog. And I also kinda muttered to him that I so had a hard time running after him earlier that afternoon. CHOZ!

He also even gave me his number, so, I also gave him mine by giving him a missed call.

And speaking of missed calls...I kinda miss Kenzo already (connect?). CHOZ!

He told me that afternoon that he was on his way to meet up with his manager. I'm just happy for him that after PGT, these doors to new projects and opportunities are opening up for him. Like, lately, I kinda saw a photo of him with photographers Mark Alvarez and Paul Cortes.

Lovely. Just lovely.

I wish I'll still get to see Kenzo again one day. And I hope that, this time, that moment wouldn't be this awkward anymore.

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