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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I left my heart in "BonChon"

September 15, 2011

Last Saturday afternoon, September 10th, was probably one of my life's most memorable "pre-birthday" events ever. For one, I got to meet Ms. Joyce in person for the very first time. Two, I also got to meet a few bunch of other bloggers. Three, I got to eat as many BonChon Chicken as I wanted. Teehee! And, four....uhmmm....I got to meet BonChon's Business Development Manager Scott Tan. LOLZ! LANDEH!

To be honest, I never really got to dine in any BonChon Chicken branch in the metro ever before. As in never. And I also only got to try their chicken once. A few months back, I went to BonChon Chicken in Greenbelt 1 and ordered a Drumstick Ricebox for takeout. And that's it. I didn't get to come back again. Why? Because the place is always full! It's always crowded. And I think the reason is very obvious.

BonChon Chicken is the "Best Chicken in America." And little by little...it's also becoming the "Best chicken in the Philippines!"

Take it from me. I'm "beki." I should know. CHOZ! (As if we have special powers to predict the future. LOLZ!)

This was held at the BonChon Chicken Ayala Triangle Gardens branch.

Before anything else, I'd like to thank BonChon Chicken Philippines for that incredibly overwhelming Foodies Treat for Bloggers. Thank you, too, to the very lovely Ms. Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia Worldwide. She was just in her gym out fit that afternoon, but, she still looked so lovely. How I wish I'd also look that lovely in my gym outfit whenever I'm at Fitness First RCBC.

And, of course, thank you to Ms. Andrea See, Marketing Manager of Scottland Inc. and Mr. Scott Tan ♥, Business Development Manager of BonChon Chicken Philippines. (Don't mind the heart. LOLZ!)

OK! Let's check out the food now.

That's the first one that was served to us. Ginger Tofu Salad (Php 125). I love tofu, actually. So, I guess I'd be biased if I say that I also loved this salad over here. I'm not a fan of salads in general, but, I'm a big fan of tofu. Just an added note, according to Andrea, the way to serve this is to pour the dressing on top of the salad, cover it, then, shake it.

Yeah. Just like that. But, it kinda looked messy afterwards, though. LOLZ! Though, it, indeed, spread the taste of the dressing into the entire salad.

Next...DRUMSTICKS!!! (Php 95/145) The one with toothpicks on it were the spicy ones. I didn't have those. I just had the regular ones. I'm not exactly a fan of spicy foods. Not that much. But, according to the bloggers around me, this was the best spicy drumstick ever. Especially this kinda cute chinito blogger sitting beside me. The way he reacted with every bite was really so cute and sexy. Teehee! But, he admitted at the latter part of the event that he would be watching a movie in Resorts World with his girlfriend, so, I just walked out. LOLZ! Just kidding.

The saltiness and sweetness of this chicken kinda complimented each other. I could hardly distinguish which was which. All I could think of that time was that...gosh...this is just so yummy! CHOZ! As in swear. Super. I think I had two of these. LOLZ! So...that means...uhmmm...yeah, I'm a pig "beki."

This is my top pick. My personal favorite.

WINGS! (Php 135) Again, I'm not a fan of chicken wings. That's why I don't like ordering buffalo wings or whatever. Whenever I hear or see wings, the first thing that hit my head is...SPICY. SPICY CHICKEN WINGS.

Surpringly, though, BonChon Chicken Wings weren't that spicy. The way it was served was pretty much similar to the Drumsticks. Sweet. Salty. A little spicy. And, yeah, I had two of these as well. LOLZ!

The other bloggers were just so busy taking pictures of the food and stuff. Well, as for me, I was busy eating! Teehee!

I love BonChon Chicken. SWEAR.

CALAMARI. According again to Andrea, they chose the smaller squids for their Calamari since the bigger ones were a bit crunchier or something. This wasn't the best Calamari I've ever had, but, for Php 125, this is a good buy already. I could actually have this while watching a movie.

And...forgive the backpack. I suck in photography. CHOZ!

FISH TACO! (Php 75) This is Trixie's personal favorite. And, I so now agree with her when she said that this was really good. If I remember correctly, the fish inside is dory and there's also some kimchi in it. I LOVE KIMCHI. Taco + Dory + Kimchi = Heaven. What's lacking right now is a Korean boyfriend for me. CHOZ!

Try this Fish Taco. Swear. You'll love it, too.

Lastly...BULGOGI RICE! (Php 125/145) If you love Kaya's bulgogi meals, well, I'm pretty sure you'll also love BonChon's. I'm so sure of that.

This is really sweet. Just like me. CHOZ!

A number of the bloggers were so busy taking photos of themselves and mingling with each other and stuff. As for me...I got to finish half of this Bulgogi Rice meal. Teehee! Mission accomplished!

OK! Let's check out Scott Tan now. CHOZ! I mean...c'mon...what's "The Gay Life of VinVin" without the BOYS? Teehee!

Mr. Scott Tan is the cute Business Development Manager of BonChon Chicken Philippines.

The moment he walked through the door...I immediately looked at Ms. Joyce and saw her smiling kinda sheepishly...so...I was like....


Oh...thank you, Ms. Joyce. SWEAR. Teehee! I so so so love you.

Friends, don't you think Mr. Scott is big enough a reason why you should always visit and eat at BonChon? Am I right? Or...am I right? CHOZ!

As you might've noticed, I didn't take that much photos of the foods that were served to us. I just ate them. Well, that's in order for me to give you a good and honest take of my opinion about 'em and how they tasted, right?

But, yeah, as you might've noticed again...instead of taking photos of the food, I took photos of Mr. Scott instead. Teehee! AKO NA!

Anyhow, that's the "semi-cute" chinito guy who was sitting next to me that afternoon. The one with the cute and sexy expression with his every bite of BonChon's hot and spicy Drumsticks and Wings. I dunno his name, though.

Hay...I love BonChon Chicken.

Lemme say that again. I LOVE BONCHON CHICKEN.

And...yeah...I think....

I really left my heart in "BonChon." CHOZ! CHOZ! CHOZ! And...another CHOZ!

Check out BonChon Chicken's menu below (click on the image to enlarge).

The best chicken in America (as per the New York Times, GQ, and Esquire) -- now in Manila!

Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Good For Kids
Take Out


For pick-up, call Ayala Triangle Gardens (6216130) / Greenbelt 1 (6598080) / Megamall (4511818) / Libis (6551818)


"Like" BonChon Chicken Philippines on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter.

Thanks again, BonChon Chicken Philippines!

If you found my heart at your Ayala Triangle Gardens branch, kindly...give it back. To me. CHOZ!



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