"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

"The Gay Life of VinVin" @ Blogapalooza (I now believe that bloggers should sit at the front row)

September 25, 2011

There are just lotsa things that have happened to me this September that I am really very thankful for. One of which is this one...my being able to participate in the first every Blogapalooza of WhenInManila.com.

This was held two Saturdays ago, September 17th, at the 5F (TopShelf) of FullyBooked in Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

It was also kinda a weird experience for me because, well...if you know me personally....I don't normally mingle with people. I don't attend events that much. I'm really an introvert. Swear. I really am. So, yeah, you could say that I hardly knew anyone from that event when I got there at around 11:30 in the morning. LOLZ!

There were already a few groups of bloggers here and there, chit-chatting and stuff. As for me...I just sat on my chair comfortably...Tweeting and Facebooking. CHOZ!

I did recognize a few faces, though. Yes, I did. As for their names...well....I did my best. I think I kinda remembered two like Azrael, Kumag Cow (?)....yeah. Just those two. OMG. I'm so sorry.

And...oh! Remember my BonChon post? I kinda talked about this "semi-cute" guy (yes, I just invented that term) that I got to meet in that event. Well...lo and behold....I saw him again at Blogapalooza. But, I didn't talk to him. I just exchanged smiles with him and stuff. That's all. He's still...semi-cute, though. LOLZ!

I've also found out that his name is Myke Soon. I wonder if he's Korean? CHOZ!

I already forgot how I actually stumbled upon "Blogapalooza." I think it was during this night while I was reading some articles on WhenInManila.com.

I'm not really the type of blogger of who gets invited to attend events like this. I don't even get invited that much to attend movie premieres, product launches, store openings (CHOZ???) and the like. I dunno why. My blog has already reached almost 1.2 million views (since May 2009 to present), yet, I feel like....I still am not recognized, yet.

Maybe it's because my website has a "beki" nature and that companies don't wanna risk their reputation and stuff, so, they wouldn't want me to blog about them and all that. Hmmm....I dunno. Not that it's actually an issue. I'm a personal and lifestyle blogger (obviously). And most of the time, I blog about boys (Teehee!). So, I know that I won't run out of anything to blog about because almost everything in this world has something to do with boys: music, movies, food (no, not the boys themselves), fashion, beauty, travel, technology...etc...etc....

So, you see...I really won't run out of ideas to post and stories to share here on my blog. I just kinda find it a little peculiar that...well...I hope you won't get me wrong here....I find it a little weird that companies haven't touched base with me, yet, or take advantage of my "niche" market or readership base. Besides...I don't charge.

Then again...that leads me to the very first point that I had mentioned earlier. I'm an introvert. CHOZ!

Before, I would only think about my blog and the things that I would be posting here every single day. Lately, I kinda became a little conscious. I started comparing my blog to other local personal blogs as well. I would try to understand why these other bloggers get invited to attend this and that...and me...not? *sad face mode* Oftentimes, I don't understand why, especially if I compare our rankings on TopBlogs.ph. That's why for me, IMO, rankings are no longer important. They don't matter anymore. I guess everything just boils down to what your blog is really all about.

Thanks to Blogapalooza, I was able to get more clarification as to the differences between my blog and the other blogs and also between me as a blogger and the other bloggers as well.

Thanks to Blogapalooza, I was able to kinda widen my network a bit and meet a few other personalities from the business sector. There was even this funny instance when I went to this ForMe/Memo/Regatta booth and then this Memo officer there was like..."Hey, I know you. You blog about Heydar and Memo." So, I was like..."Ugh..ahahaha...yeah...." And then I blushed. CHOZ! Not because I felt a little embarrassed, but, more so because I remembered...Heydar. My Heydar. Teehee!

And thanks to Blogapalooza, I was able to reaffirm to myself that...hey....I'm a gay blogger and I'm proud of it.

Well...to tell you honestly....the Blogapalooza was also somewhat an eye-opener to me. You know very well that I always speak my mind. As in always. I don't lie. So, forgive me if I might hurt anyone's feelings here. I'd just like to be honest.

I really enjoyed the whole event. I really did. I had so much fun. But, I just kinda didn't like what I saw that afternoon. I was just surprised with what I saw. Well...kinda. Teehee!

I was a bit surprised by the behavior of some of the bloggers in that event. For one, whenever a speaker or a representative from one of the company sponsors would go and talk on stage, there would be a number of bloggers who would also stand in front of that speaker blocking the view of the other bloggers behind them. Myself included. For me...that was a big NO-NO. I dunno if that's a custom already or if that's really what's happening in events such as this, but, I mean...c'mon....consideration? Where are you, consideration? And discipline, too, perhaps?

I'm proud to say that I just remained seated the entire time the business representatives were presenting on stage. Prim and proper much? I kinda treated the event more like a conference or something. I dunno. I guess it's just me.

Another thing that I noticed was...uhmmmm....some bloggers were kinda "clickish." CHOZ! And I'm so not gonna say anything more about it since I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings in the process.

I kinda realized as well that bloggers love freebies. Teehee! I am, too, actually. I love freebies. Who doesn't? I guess we all love anything in this world that is free. Everyone was just ecstatic about the loot bags that we were able to bring home. One loot bag contained GCs and other stuff totaling to almost Php 10,000. IMAGINE THAT! Thank you, Blogapalooza and to your very generous sponsors!

Though, to tell you honestly again, I actually haven't checked out my loot bag that much. I only got to try on the free Regatta top that I got that was worth almost Php 1,700. I also got to finish munching on the 8 bags of chips from Leslie's Corporation (I'm in love Farmer John potato chips). And I'm also having Lipton tea every night before I go to bed. As for the rest...well....I'll check them out probably tomorrow. I'm quite afraid, though, that some of the GCs might've had expired already. SHUX.

I'll be posting in the future some of the brands and products that really got my interest during Blogapalooza (HTC, Sofitel, Regatta/Memo/ForMe, Freestyle Ballers, Farmer John, Chana, to name a few.)

Once again, my biggest thanks to Blogapalooza, WhenInManila.com and to DJ Vince Golangco and his fantastic team for inviting me.

CONGRATULATIONS! It's very obvious that the first ever Blogapalooza was a big big big SUCCESS. You guys did an extremely great job.

Blogging and Social Media are, indeed, today's "new and emerging media."

I also now believe that bloggers should get to sit at the front row of runway shows or any other event in particular. CHOZ!

And I think...I also wanna take my "blogging" to the next level. Teehee!

Anyhow, here's a list of the participating companies in Blogapalooza:

Avira Antivirus
Lay Bare Waxing Salon
360 Degrees Fitness Gym
Human Nature
Matabungkay Resort
Gallileo Enrichment Learning Program
Sofitel Hotel
Easy Pha-max
FART (Fashion Art)
Lazer Xtreme
Freestyle Ballers
Budoir Dolls
Healthy First
Sparkle Spa
Size Matters
Golden ABC (Regatta/Memo/ForMe)
Beyond Beauty
Leslie’s (Farmer John Premium Potato Chips)
Polecats Manila
Focus Ventures
Blue Water Day Spa


What is Blogapalooza?

Blogapalooza is the first ever B2B: Business to Blogger networking event!

Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to 100-150 Influential bloggers and online social media influencers

How does it work?

Step 1: Businesses present their Product / Service (or anything they want to promote, i.e. event) to Bloggers

We invite the influential bloggers, tweeters, Facebook influencers and get them all into one room to see, hear, smell, feel, talk about and EXPERIENCE your product / brand / thingamajig. We exclusively screen and pick out the top influencers and we also pick out the businesses who will be presenting to the online community. Presenters get 5 – 15 minutes to present their thingamajig.

Step 2: 100 – 150 Influential Bloggers blog about the Freebies / Event / Networking with Businesses and influence their readers / visitors

Bloggers will also receive a giveaway / promotional item from each presenter. This will be crucial for bloggers to get to try and to have an overall experience of their product / service / others. Bloggers may blog about the event / presentations / freebies / networking / experiences with the businesses.

Find out more on http://Blogapalooza.WhenInManila.com.

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