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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Angelo Cacciatore for Highlands Corned Beef

photos from Highlands Corned Beef

September 3, 2011

I'm sorry. I'll only be featuring Angelo Cacciatore here on my blog and not the other Highlands Corned Beef hunk. You know I have biases. Teehee!

I already posted something about Angelo before (click here). He's also one of the faces of Cardam's shoes. And now....

He's among the 5 endorsers of Highlands Corned Beef!

What I just kinda don't understand, though, is the target market of Highlands Corned Beef. Is it the "bekis?" Teehee!

5 hunks. Highlands Corned Beef. What do we get? Up to you to think of an answer to that one. CHOZ!

New Breed of Dancer

"Always keep a positive attitude on things...." - Angelo Cacciatore

The New Breed of Dancer: Angelo Cacciatore

The half Italian dancer is equipped with a competitive background in dancing as he studied ballet in a prestigious school for 8 years in Italy. Angelo has an extensive knowledge in ballet dance but his skills are not limited to the genre, as he can perform any type of dance. According to him in order to become a professional dancer, one must be very disciplined, possess a good health and good body. "In everything I do, I put my 100% concentration in it. I always prioritize my responsibilities as a dancer, before and after a performance." Angelo is a new breed of professional dancer as he is never selfish in his craft. He doesn't just dance to show off his skills but to inspire his audience with his performance.

Believe it or not, the premium Angus beef can now be found in a corned beef! Introducing the Highlands Corned Beef created by Foodsphere.

Foodsphere has always been dedicated in developing high-quality nutritious food products at reasonable prices. And throughout the years, the company has always understood the discriminating taste of Filipinos. And now Foodsphere has come up with the very first corned beef in the market that’s made with Angus Beef, Highlands Corned Beef.

Highlands Corned Beef is filled with the rich beef taste of Angus Beef.
It has no artificial flavors, so you can expect the natural taste and tenderness of your favorite Angus Beef in Highlands Corned Beef.

It has longer and juicier beef strands. We use Angus Beef because it’s a breed that produces high-quality meat, remember that good beef starts with good breed and Highlands Corned Beef is certainly a breed apart from your old corned beef.

Angus Beef is normally used for steaks and now is in corned beef. Now you can enjoy the premium taste of Angus beef without spending a great deal of money.
Grab a can and have it anytime of the day. It’s readily available and easily prepared. So why not switch your old corned beef to Highlands Corned Beef for a taste of premium beef goodness in every bite.

Taking canned meat to a higher level, that’s the new Highlands Corned Beef –the premium breed of corned beef.

Deliciously Premium! It pays to be a breed apart!


photo from Missosology.info

I love Angelo Cacciatore. I already saw him in person. He's kinda short, but, that's fine. He's incredibly cute! Teehee!

He's a Mossimo Bikini Summit alumnus, by the way. 2008, I think?

Too bad he already has a girlfriend, though.



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