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"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Shoe shopping with Cris @ Call It Spring Greenbelt 3

August 21, 2011

Girls really love shoe shopping. Well, I do, too. I'm gay, so, that kinda makes me a girl...at heart. CHOZ!

That's why two Friday nights ago I was just so excited to bring Cris to this shoe store in Greenbelt 3. It's called Call It Spring. Trixie brought me there previously and I just so loved their shoes there (for the females). I instantly knew that Cris would also love to shop there, so, that night, I decided to bring here to Call It Spring.

Their shoes are really very classy and stylish. Plus...they're not at all that expensive! They were even on sale that night, so, I guess we were kinda feelin' a little lucky.

The staff were really friendly, too, and that, for me, is really a big plus as well when it comes to my shopping requirements.

Thanks, Call It Spring for such a wonderful shopping experience for my friend, Cris!

Below are some photos from our Call It Spring shoe shopping.

I told her to pick the black one (above) instead of the white one (below) since she can wear and pair with almost any kinda outfit. Not so hard to mix and match with her available wardrobe.

Though, I have a feeling that she might have already bought the white one a few days after. Teehee!

That's the white one (or off white, perhaps).

She got the pair at a very generous discount.

From My Spring Shoes:

My Spring Shoes

Founded in 1991, Call It Spring is an international brand that operates over 200 stores worldwide.

Due to trademark restrictions, Spring is evolving into Call It Spring!

To support this evolution, Spring stores are being gradually revamped with a fresh feel. Don't worry you will still be able to shop the latest shoes and accessories online and at all of our locations across the globe.

Call It Spring reflects up to the minute trends that are easy on the pocketbook.

It’s for original thinkers – the perfect place to experiment with personal style, to debut a new look, to figure out the meeting point between individuality and discovery.

Call it now, call it yours, Call It Spring.

Call It Spring is an ALDO Group brand. Founded by Aldo Bensadoun, the first ALDO store opened its doors in 1972 in Montreal. Today, the company boasts over 1,500 retail stores in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland, in addition to operating in 52 franchised countries.

In addition Call It Spring is partnering with JCPenney, one of America's leading retailers, to open 500 shop-in-shops across the United States.

Join our community and get 10% off your next purchase. Sign up now https://www.myspringshoes.com/ca-eng/newsletter.

Drawing inspiration from the streets, the culture and of course, the trade and runway shows, our product developers delve into the world’s fashion capitals and their individual fashion trends wholeheartedly. Working up to a year in advance, our product developers are always ahead of the game, making it their mission to know what’s next.


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