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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kenzo Ortiz on Pilipinas Got Talent tonight!

photos from SC|EA Photography / Pep.ph

August 20, 2011

I guess you still remember the 22-year-old Kenzo, right? If not, click here.

Kenzo is really one helluva nice guy. Not to mention being an extremely cute, hunky chinito. Teehee! Yeah, I'm biased to chinitos. You can tell. I get to talk to him from time to time and he's really very sweet, sincere and you can tell that this guy has dreams. I like it when a person tells me that he has dreams. Why? Because it only shows that that person believes that his life should have a direction.

He's the son of a popular 80's actress, Olivia Ortiz, who starred in memorable films such as Magkayakap sa Magdamag (1986) and Dingding Lang ang Pagitan (1986).

Tonight, Kenzo will be on Pilipinas Got Talent. I saw it on a teaser the other day. He's wearing a really hot white shirt. Teehee! And I so love his smile on TV. Swear...I can hardly wait to see him on PGT tonight!

Please watch. I believe he'll get all three yeses. I do believe that.

I think I already told you that he's a cutie. Right? Teehee! Yeah. I think I already did.

For more of Kenzo Ortiz, "like" him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter (@KenzoOrtiz).

Good luck, Kenzo! I'll always be here. Supporting you. Always. You know that. (^_^)

Can't get enough of my crush Kenzo Ortiz? Click here.



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