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Saturday, August 6, 2011

If you don't wanna be stuck in traffic, check out the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

August 6, 2011

I got to attend this very special event of a TV5-MMDA collaboration and initiative last Monday night. It's the media launch of the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator.

I dunno if I can give justice to this post since, first of all, I dunno how to drive a car. LOLZ! I don't have a license (obviously) and I don't have that much sense when it comes to following or remembering directions. In short, my "spatial intelligence" is an utter failure. CHOZ!

But, I get driven, though. Teehee! And I do know how to commute by taking a cab. Yeah. My favorite friendly taxi cabs.

So, I guess, in a way, this MMTN (Metro Manila Traffic Navigator) will also be really helpful to me since I work in Makati and the only route that I take going there from our place is either EDSA or C5.

I kinda preferred taking EDSA before because of the mega hot billboards of the Philippine Volcanoes by Bench Body along the Guadalupe-Boni area. Ahihihi!

Though, the local government of Mandaluyong put those down a few weeks ago, so, I've been taking C5 instead since then. LOLZ!

Anyhow, to start using the MNTN, go to http://mmdatraffic.interaksyon.com. You can check this out on your iPhones, iPads, BBs, or any other devices that are capable of mobile internet browsing.

The view above is called the System View. I find this more useful and user-friendly than the tab beside it which is the Line View because it kinda gives me a feel of how traffic is really like in Metro Manila at a much greater or wider scale or picture. Line View only tells me if traffic from one location going to the other is Light, Moderate, Heavy, etc.

And, also, just in case you need directions, the third tab shows you a Google map. I dunno about you, but, as for me...I love Google maps. Teehee! It's really very useful. Why? Ok...I know what the traffic situation is going to a particular location that I wanna go to. However...how would I know of any alternate route that I...err...my driver could take without a map? CHOZ! Shortcuts are also a plus.

I'm not that much of a tech-savvy person, so, if you wanna know more about MNTM, again, just click here.

The event was hosted by Paolo Bediones and Cherry Mercado (hope I got her name right). That night was the first time that I got to see them in person. Teehee!

I'm sorry, but, I didn't get to listen that much to the talks. But, I did listen attentively to the open forum. A number of bloggers asked questions. I didn't. LOLZ! And, sadly, IMO, I also kinda noticed that some bloggers were actually kinda "airy."

That's all. Thank you.

Oh! And can I just say that I kinda met a very pretty TV reporter that night? Her name is MJ Marfori. Though, don't get me wrong. I'm still gay. I'm not a lesbo. CHOZ!

It kinda felt a little awkward because I was somewhat being a little poised and classy the whole time we were chit-chatting. I was being so gay. I know. LOLZ!

But, believe me....she's really very nice. She's one of the nicest TV personalities I've ever known so far.

Follow MJ Marfori on Twitter and/or on Tumblr.

And the food? Teehee! Didn't I mention that I so so so loved the food that they served us? Thank you, EDSA Shangri-La!

Yes. I finished all of it. ALL OF IT.

These German Cheesecakes (with a blue garnish on top) are just superb! Swear. See...I had 2! Ahihihi!

Ok, so, if you wanna know more about MMTN, again, just go to http://mmdatraffic.interaksyon.com.

For more updates, follow TV5, INTERAKSYON, MMDA or MMDA Navigator on Twitter.

Tweet or SMS MMDA Navigator at 09337401258 if you see any inaccurate traffic data so they can promptly correct it. Visit http://mmda.gov.ph/navigator for more information.



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