"I dont mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it." ~Marilyn Monroe

"I don't mind living in a man's body as long as I can be a woman in it." ~VinVin Jacla

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Friday, August 19, 2011

The gorgeous Kenzo Ortiz (TOPLESS!!!)

photos from SC|EA Photography

August 19, 2011

It has been a while since I last posted something about Kenzo (click here). So, now, I'm treating you with some Kenzo fever! Teehee!

Anyhow, by the way, tomorrow, Saturday, Kenzo will be on Pilipinas Got Talent. Please watch out for him. He deserves to be on that show. He's an actor, a dancer and a singer. Calling him talented may even sound like an understatement.

In the meantime, here are more photos of Kenzo from SC|EA Photography.

Isn't he just so gorgeous? He has one of the most beautiful smiles ever.

And his eyes...gosh. Need I say more? Kenzo captivates me. He dazzles me. CHOZ!

Now...here are what you're waiting for. Ahihihi!

Full Name: Kenzo Ortiz
Birthdate : September 19, 1988
Age : 22 years old
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Waist: 30
Chest: 36
Shoes: 9

For more of Kenzo Ortiz, "like" him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter (@KenzoOrtiz).

Congratulations in advance, Kenzo!

Can't get enough of my crush Kenzo Ortiz? Click here.



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