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Monday, July 4, 2011

RUGBY 101 with The Philippine Rugby Team (getting to know The Philippine Volcanoes)

photo from Facebook / Isabela Silva

July 4, 2011

I dunno if this is the updated/complete team photo. This picture is like a year old already.

Nonetheless...I think it's obvious that I really can't get enough of our Philippine Rugby Team. No. As in no. Choz!


(Why VOLCANOES? It's coined after the 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment in the US Army which was composed of Pinoys and Pinoy expats. Click here for a more detailed explanation.)

Anyhow, if you wanna stay in touch with my beloved The Philippine Volcanoes, you may follow them on Twitter or "like" them on Facebook.

For the schedule of their future games, you may click here for their 2011 calendar of events. Their 2011 is kinda really booked. As in.

And guess what....


Free Rugby 101 Session - 6-8pm today at Ultra Stadium. Girls and boys 16 and up, newcomers welcome!

I wonder if...I...should...try this...out...too...?


Anyhow, for media inquiries and proposals to the team, you may send those to communications@prfu.com.


My gosh...I can't take this anymore. Teehee! I'm a fan! SORRY!

And I just really really really love 'em. WHY? LOOK....

I'm so proud of them. Swear. Are you, too?


The PRFU is the governing body of Rugby Football in the Philippines. The Volcanoes are the National Rugby Team of the Philippines

The PRFU is registered with SEC, has a Board of Directors. There is a full time Secretariat and a number of Development Officers/Coaches.

The PRFU is a member of the International Rugby Board and Asian Rugby Football Union, an Asian Sports Federation of the Olympic Council of Asia. It is recognized by the Philippine International Olympic Committee and Philippine National Sports Council.

"To encourage rugby development among Filipinos and for Philippine Rugby Football Union clubs to be competitive players in the Asian Rugby environment."

"To support the promotion, development and efficient administration of the sport of rugby union in the Philippines."

(+632) 706-4668

For more information, just visit http://prfu.com.

Click here for my previous posts about The Philippine Volcanoes.



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