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Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Alex J. Pedroche (a 16-year-old cutie)

photos by Erix Leono Photography
styling by Poi Gutierrez

July 25, 2011

I kinda need to be very careful with my choice of words right now. He's only a kid.

Yup. That's correct. He's still a kid. Meet Alex J. Pedroche, a 16-year-old cutie.

Well...I guess I'm just gonna make this quick, then. Just to be safe. Teehee!

I just find him cute. That's all. Nothing more. Nothing less. He also has an older brother who he is as gorgeous as him. I'll probably blog about him, too, next time.

In the meantime...let's get to know more about Alex.

Alex J. Pedroche
16 years of age
Race: Mexican
Nationality: Filipino-American
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
RTW: Small
Shoe Size: 10
eye color: brown

From Alex himself:

I am Alex J. Pedroche (if your wondering what the "J." is for it is for Jose)
I am 16 years of the faithful young age...haha
I am a creative little passionate boy living in a different country That's adapting even if he is 4 years in the Philippines...
I started modeling about 2 years ago...and loving it as the two years past.
I'm a dancer since 1st year high school...

Total music lover and Dancing for the love of it!
I am a total popper and not a damn snitch or chump.
I am for your information a mexican that doesn't know how to speak spanish but knows english and tagalog!
I love girls with brown eyes and total package maganda at mabait pa!
I like sweet caring and kind...girls! :) whenever they look they look passionately.....

Love girls especially if they known how to dance...
Enough with girls! I love to party and drink but not get drunk!
I love to stay at nightlife places! :)
I love to love and live to love the loving livin' love!
I love to play with the guitar and to make up my own songs.
I have to achieve my career by doing things I'm pledge to do and that I'll do by gettin' to know you and be friendly too you. :))

Ok. Here are some photos of Alex without his shirt on. No reaction. I can't say a thing. I don't want anything that I'd say to be taken against me. Choz!

That's all. Thank you.

I find Alex cute. Too bad he's only 16. Such a very tender age still. Though, let's just probably wait for him to grow up. I'm pretty sure he'll become one of the country's most sought after male models 2 or 3 years from now.

He just needs a good and able manager.

"Like" Alex on Facebook (click here).

Good luck on your future projects, Alex!



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