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Friday, June 3, 2011

Leinender - Renaissance OUT NOW!!!

June 3, 2011

From Frozenforce.fr:

After the release of his debut artist album EPIPHANEIA in July 2010; French DJ and Producer Leinender has decided to once again push the envelope of the trance genre with his new single: RENAISSANCE (French for rebirth).

While producing this single Leinender has taken a very different approach and the result simply shows. It's something new, different from his past works; but at the same time incorporates the unique sound signature he is known for: cold and dark. Leinender explains:

I started working on Renaissance around 6 months ago – and after releasing my album, I really wanted to create something different from what I usually do. It wasn't easy. Experimenting new styles is always a challenge, and it took me a lot of time before finally reaching to a coherent result I could be happy with...

RENAISSANCE is a musical journey in a meticulously crafted universe. The simple and repetitive sound patterns connect with the listener's mind, while immersed in a much more complex soundscape. It starts with the sound of ocean's waves, followed by a dramatic set of strings and choirs – immediately setting the mood for the rest of the track. The highly emotional orchestral break will rush adrenaline into the listener's blood – and when you think it can't go any higher, Leinender takes you by surprise with his infamous breakbeats; before finally unleashing the ravaging trance riff – set to put any dancefloor on fire.

RENAISSANCE also comes with a remix from France's most reputed techno-trance DJ and producer Mr. Sam. Mainly known for the worldwide hit Lyteo, followed by singles Insight and Split with singer Kirsty Hawkshaw; he has produced 4 studio albums, 3 DJ compilations, along with hundreds of remixes throughout his prolific career.

Mr. Sam is known to produce tracks that will be remembered, and so does this remix. In his version, he took a more techno approach - contrasting interestingly with the trance original. It is very raw, acid, and has a very authentic 90s rave feel. It is while working on his upcoming artist album that Mr. Sam started to produce his remix of RENAISSANCE, probably in the mood for some loud techno beats he has given birth to what would become his most powerful remix to date. To put it simply: this remix is a techno bomb. Period.

Set to ravage dancefloors all around the globe, both Leinender's original and Mr. Sam's remix make RENAISSANCE a release appealing to most of Electronic Dance Music fans. RENAISSANCE will be available as a digital download on www.frozenforce.fr from April 4th, 2011.

To download, click here.



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