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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What went wrong? (Penshoppe in Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011)

May 24, 2011

If you've been following some of my status messages on Facebook, you would have remembered that 2 Sundays ago I was extremely and incredibly excited to go to the Penshoppe show in SMX.

Alvin Aguilar was going to be there. And Heydar Hosseini as well.

What more could I possibly ask for? Choz!

But, sadly, it was a disaster. Well, as far as I'm concerned, that is.

First of all...I needed to endure hours (YES. HOURS.) of standing in a long queue, waiting for my turn to register. And what made it a little worse was that there was only one registration form for those who didn't have exclusive invites (those that perhaps only the celebrities and famous personalities would have). And how many were those people who didn't have exclusive invites? Including myself? I think we were hundreds. Why? The show was at SMX Function Room 5. And that's also where the queue started. Where do you think did it end? Well...on the other side of the edifice. SERIOUSLY. It was just that long...I'm telling you.

I was a little disappointed because it seemed to me that the organizers of the event didn't have a "process." I'm sorry, but, that's just my opinion. Prior to this show, I got to attend the Wrangler and M Barretto shows and both of them went pretty well. So smoothly

But, this Penshoppe show was just really exhausting. I swear. I'm sorry.

Can you see how long that queue is? And it's not even 7PM.

Anyhow, I still got to manage to go inside at around 7:45 PM or so. Sadly, again, there were no more seats inside. It was a little incredibly crowded already.

What kinda disappointed me as well was when I found out that some bloggers were given seats. Well, I don't wanna think highly of myself, but, I think I'm also a blogger. Am I? Or am I not? Though, yeah, you're correct. I didn't have an "exclusive invite." That's the problem. And I'm not a "well-known" blogger, too. As far as I know....

I didn't get to watch the show anymore. I walked out. LOLZ! I was just so exhausted already and I felt that I couldn't bear to "stand" (since there were no more seats) for another excruciating hour. I wanted to see Alvin and most especially Heydar that night, but, like I said...I just decided to go home.

I just really hope that this won't happen again. Ever.

I wonder what went wrong that night?

That's all. Thank you.


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